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It’s amazing what a difference four months make. Last February, a Facebook scribbler, Mike Hammond, was fined €3,000 and given a 6-month suspended sentence for posting a “bombing” message against Gozo’s gays, or as they call themselves, with the Government of Malta and Ministry for Gozo’s approval, “il-puftas.” No fooling around with these puftas who were prodded into legal action by their lawyer Lara Dimitrijevic. Don’t blow steam in your Facebook page or it will be lifted out of context by a major newspaper, magnified ten times, and fed to three fourths of the country, awaiting your beheading.

Times of Malta excerpt

A few months later, who came out threatening to bomb others? A Dimitrijevic website. An artistic director from the Manoel Theatre, Sean Buhagiar, parroted what Lara Dimitrijevic’s son’s website suggested, “carpet bombing” Pastor Manché. Carpet bombing involves dropping a large number of bombs, causing widespread destruction. Why was Pastor Manché targeted? Because he is a Christian, unlike the Dimitrijevics, who are avowed “anti-Christs.” The pastor spoke against the dangers of anal sex, which he considers a degrading form of human expression. This practice is not only morally repugnant for the Christian religion, reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah; it is also unhealthy. It entails an elevated risk of injury due to fecal transmission. The anus and rectum contain bacteria from fecal matter. They were meant for a biological function.    

This is what happens when the theatrical Ġaħans get their education from pornography rather than biology. The press was shocked. So was the government. They were shocked not at the artistic director’s threat of widespread carnal destruction. But at Pastor Manché using the same law that the gays used earlier. How dare the pastor take his case to the police? Taking your case to the police means that you are a wussy, if not outright dangerous, a psychopath, a man to be shunned and dehumanized. Look at the headline below in Malta Today: “Manché on the warpath…” It’s him on the warpath, not the artistic director who declared war through a carpet-bombing call of action. Pastor Manché shouldn’t have gone to the police. Instead, he should have followed the example of the high echelons in Castile who had to size up Daphne Caruana Galizia, somehow. They didn’t go to the police. They gave orders to the chain of command below them and blew her to smithereens with Semtex. They are still free, enjoying untold wealth and consulting fees while their foot soldiers rot in jail.

Malta Today excerpt

Parliament is going to take full care of the pastor and nail him to his police reports. Within days, it will enact a law to protect freedom of speech. It will give solace and protection. Oh no, not for you, Pastor! But for artists only. Don’t you remember where we Labourites come from? ”Min għandu l-għali jżidu u min m’għandux naraw x’nagħmlulu.” We, ulied in-Nanna Venut, may have returned from America, but our antagonistic leanings haven’t changed: It’s the underlying social structure that has turned upside down. This is why at the roundabout in Xewkija, Gozo, there is an upside-down triangle, originally a Nazi concentration camp badge, imposed on a gay painting.

In the meantime, the half dozen or so members of the Gozo gay club continue to meet at their fully funded premises with a €30,000+ budget annually. Hate speech cannot go unreported, they said last February, at the instigation of Dimitrijevic. As they ponder about their identity – who am I? A boy? A man? – and gaze at their navel, they must be scratching their head about what they have unleashed on the silent majority. Or rather, what their sponsors, from the American to the Maltese governments, including the Dimitrijevic family whose daughter exudes putrid hate (as documented here and here), have in store for us the “plebej” who value faith, health, and peace… and the freedom of expression for EVERYONE, rather than artists only.

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