This video explains what is woke: it is Mao’s cultural revolution exported to America and Europe.

One needs to listen to this video. It offers an excellent explanation of what is happening in the USA and Europe. America is adopting Mao’s cultural ideology. However, in the West, it is challenging to sell a socialist ideology. Thus, instead of calling these ideas socialists, they are being defined as ideas of inclusion. Being different has been turned into a state treason, and being of white skin colour has become bad except if the whites decide to become queer and gay. This is the only way how they can redeem themselves.
Moreover, those who do not adhere to these new theories have no place in society anymore. These ideas started in America, and now they are part and parcel of the propaganda of this government and the supportive mainstream media. These Maoists ideas were first pushed and taught in Malta through the American Embassy at a time when Hunter Biden was using our country to transfer illegal funds from Ukraine to his own pockets.

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