The whistle-blower who revealed that the son of American President Joe Biden was laundering money through Malta was found dead: he is the key to why Malta was grey-listed.

In 2020, the local media gave us the news that the son of the American President, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, was using Sata Bank in Malta to launder money he was earning illegally through the oil business in Ukraine. It is known that Joe Biden has a vested economic interest in Ukraine. Hunter Biden transferred money from Malta through SATA Bank. He also moved money from Burisma. In his oil business, Hunter Biden was linked to Mykola Zlochevsky, former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine. The Times covered Zlochevsky’s connection with Malta through a court case  in 2020. Investigations had also started in Malta against Pierre Grech Cumbo Pillow, and criminal procedures began against him for money laundering.  

Now, there is a twist to this story. The man who has uncovered the story, acting as a whistler blower, was found dead. Moreover, the Maltese media did not report this news. The fact that Hunter Biden was cleaning his money through Malta and the man who exposed this whole affair was found dead has media relevance. Therefore, why did our press not cover this news?

This was a massive story at the time. The fact that the son of American President Joe Biden was using Malta to launder his money explains the vested interest Americans have in our country. It explains why Malta was grey-listed. Malta was not grey-listed because of the corruption under Muscat’s government. In Malta, these stories appear prominent, but compared with similar stories in Europe, they are minor events that do not deserve a country to be grey-listed. Nor was it a case linked to the Pilatus Bank, as the Repubblichini wanted us to believe. At least, they played in the hands of those involved in the big business of money transfer, like the Biden family, if they were not in cahoots with them. The city associated with money laundering in Europe is London. Therefore, I am more inclined to believe this was revenge by Joe Biden and the American presidency against the Maltese authorities for daring to start a money laundering investigation that could have led to his son’s involvement in this affair.

President Joe Biden hides behind the gay and gender agenda. Trump is depicted as corrupt and then we have this big story involving his son and his interest in Ukraine in the news again. Let us not forget that Joe Biden threatened Ukraine’s chief prosecutor for daring to investigate his son in this scandal of money transfer.

The chief accountant of Burisma Energy even produced tangible proof of the involvement of the Sata Bank in cleaning Hunter Biden’s money. Numerous emails were leaked. Here is one of the leaked emails confirming that Malta was at the centre of this money laundering business of the Biden family.

The leaked emails also revealed the involvement of Pierre Grech Pillow. He is somehow connected to this whole affair. Two emails show his name and are related to opening a bank account.

Interestingly, even Daphne Caruana Galizia had written a story about a man who appears to be linked to Pierre Grech Cumbo Pillow. Daphne reported about the activities of Adrian Grech Cumbo. What is strange in this whole story is that all those who claim to be supporters of Daphne and her investigative work have not said a word about this whole story involving the son of Joe Biden or the death of the whistle-blower that exposed this whole narrative of corruption. On the contrary, they have been on a campaign to divert attention from the truth about Hunter Biden. Because the Maltese state dared to investigate him, the West took revenge and grey-listed Malta!

One can accuse me of conspiracy theories, but I am more than inclined to believe that the grey-listing story was just an international revenge against the Maltese state for having honest officials who dared to investigate a money laundering story involving the son of the President of the United States. These honest investigators believe that the law should be equal for everyone. However, despite all the American propaganda, Biden’s administration wants to avoid anyone investigating them, but they can investigate Trump! Biden believes that he and his family are above the law.

In 2020, the local media covered this story. Then, there was a complete blackout. After the whistleblower was found dead, the story was on Twitter. In reaction to one of the tweets, one asked whether this was why Hunter Biden travelled to Malta after his father won the American elections.

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