Why hasn’t the local media asked wherefrom the woman who was conditionally discharged got the abortion pills?

When Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed the nation, he referred to the ghost case involving a woman convicted of abortion. According to Malta Today, the magistrate presiding her case gave her a conditional discharge. It seems that the magistrate in question was Rachel Montebello. While I agree that this woman, if the case truly exists, should get a conditional discharge, this site has pointed out that the sentence is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, the way the media tackled the story, the conclusion is that this was a criminal and not a civil or constitutional case.

Prime Minister Abela’s approach while being interviewed by Lou Bondi, gave us new aspects about this case. He stated to have seen the sentence. This means that the Prime Minister has access to court documents, including this one, which is kept under wraps. Thus, why all the secrecy about this case? If the Prime Minister has seen the sentence, since this is what he said, Joe Doe has a right to know the sentence too. The Prime Minister is not a privileged person. Access to sentences should be to all. If he had access to this court sentence, the general public should have the same right and privileges.

Nonetheless, the Prime Minister gave a second detail about this case. He divulged the way this woman tried to commit an abortion. He stated that this woman took abortion pills. This detail was not never divulged by the press. Therefore, this woman has taken pills to procure an abortion. These pills are illegal in Malta. Hence, while agreeing with the court’s decision that this woman should not be sent to jail, and a conditional discharge is more than a fair sentence, one must ask whether the police are investigating from where this woman obtained these abortion pills.

The Prime Minister spoke about the fact that this woman was reported by her partner. The media described him as an abusive man. Usually, when we have an abusive man, the media and all women’s associations quickly name the person. The dictum name and shame is used on such occasions. Why was the name of such an abusive man kept secret? Why did the women’s NGOs and Doctors for Choice not name him?

This is very strange indeed. Can we truly believe what the media is reporting about her partner? Perhaps, the media should start to investigate whether the behaviour of this man was an imaginary excuse sold to the same media by NGOs in favour of abortion to revenge themselves on this man for having reported his partner for taking pills to procure an abortion successfully.

Given these facts, the media must ask who procured these abortive pills for this woman? The media needs to start asking whether it is true that this woman had been subjected to abuse by her partner. What the media reported is that this woman has mental problems. In this situation, who abused this woman, her partner, the state or those agencies funded by the state supposedly to fight abuse?

The media divulged another detail. The woman in question already has a baby. Therefore, this is not a case of unwanted pregnancy by a teenage woman who got pregnant for the first time. Thus, she was not going through social pressure to hide her pregnancy, which generally leads to an abortion. Instead, we have a woman who is already a mother. It becomes more suspicious why this woman, with mental health problems, was seeking an abortion.

Given that she is described as having mental problems, was she being instrumentalized unwittingly by third parties to procure an abortion to have a political case? If this is the case, we are facing individuals who abused this woman’s mental state to make an abortion statement. If this is the case, this is extremely worrying. What is disturbing is that these groups, who appear to have been behind this woman to procure an abortion, were tweeting internationally, telling the world media that the Maltese courts were confronted with another case of domestic violence that infringed on a woman’s human rights.

Consequently, should this case be considered state violence? Are we faced by another orchestrated frame-up against a man who tried to report a mentally abused partner by persons involved in introducing abortion in Malta to the police? Instead of the media trying to unearth the truth, it ended up using this case to create a sort of public revenge against this man without any respect for this woman.

As things stand, the answer is yes. This appears to be a fabricated case invented against this man for reporting his partner after finding out that she had been mentally abused and conditioned to have an abortion. Those who mentally abused her did it deliberately to use her case as an example of the need for the introduction of abortion in Malta. As had happened in another case, those involved did not play their cards well. They got caught red-handed, and the best exit is to hide the sentence and not divulge the man’s name. If they do so, the whole story would need to come out, and the narrative of an ‘abusive partner” would fall through.

This is why this site claims this is a ghost case. There is considerable doubt that this is a domestic violence case. Else, the police, by now, should have started proceedings against this man. However, the media has not reported, at least till now, any person being charged for alleged domestic violence. If this was the case and this woman was the victim of domestic abuse, the media would have been running stories about this man, and his name would be all over the place. Nor does it seem that in her sentence, Magistrate Rachel Montebello ordered that criminal proceedings should be instituted against this woman’s partner for allegedly abusing her.

Let us not forget that after this woman was supposedly charged in court, women’s groups invited other women to share their stories. In the meantime, these associations in favour of abortion have told the world that Maltese women have been scared to come forward for the past twelve months with their abortion stories. Once again, as this analysis confirms, we are faced with another fabricated story intended only to push the abortion agenda and exculpate those involved in abusing a vulnerable woman. This time, a woman with a history of mental health problems is definitely being used for cheap abortion propaganda.

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