Why is this abortion story a case of you scratch my back and I scratch yours?

For so long, the mainstream media in favour of abortion has told their readers that over the past years, no woman was ever taken to the criminal court in Malta with abortion charges. Now, out of the blue, the media comes out with a case of a woman who has been conditionally discharged.

Some time ago, The Times of Malta published a story stating that three people were being investigated for abortion, but none was charged in the past five years. So the first question to be asked is this. Is the woman in the news lately one of these three persons who were, according to The Times, being investigated for abortion? It does not seem to be the case because always, according to The Times, the police did not push charges against them. 

Given the lengthy process involved with criminal cases at our court, it is tough to believe that this woman was immediately dismissed by our courts without lengthy proceedings. Therefore, it is suitable to state that if it is true that a woman has been charged with abortion, the investigation must fall within this time bracket of five years.

This is why it is highly suspicious that the name of this woman was not mentioned in the press. It is not only the name of the woman that was not mentioned, but even the name of the magistrate or judge presiding over her case was not given. Therefore, why did the press state that a woman was charged with abortion when up till some days ago, the same press was reporting that no woman in Malta was being prosecuted for abortion charges? To add insult to injury, the public does not know in front of whom this woman was charged. This is another detail that is being kept hidden by the mainstream media. Also, as reported on this website yesterday, the sentence condemning or giving a conditional discharge is nowhere to be found. This is turning out to be a ghost story, invented only for international consumption and to deviate the local attention from the hospital scandal.

All this stinks. Thus, the question that one needs to ask is who is supplying all this information to the mainstream media and the international press. Here we go again to the usual suspect, a woman that has all the ingredients to be the person behind all this. I will discuss her story and activism in a separate blog. Thus, let us remain focused and continue analysing what the mainstream media was saying till some months ago. Keeping with what The Times of Malta was reporting about abortion, two separate articles stated that no woman faced any criminal charges for abortion in the last ten years, and no woman was imprisoned for abortion in the past twenty-five years.

There is another extra detail. This will help the reader to understand why the media never divulged the name of the preceding magistrate or judge in this case. Given the above media reports, am I right to conclude that this woman was not charged in front of a criminal court? Therefore, her case must have been civil or constitutional if she was not charged in front of a criminal court. However, it is very odd that a civil or constitutional case gives a conditional discharge. To my humble knowledge, a magistrate’s criminal court can only give a conditional dismissal!

Nevertheless, The Independent insists this woman was brought to court after facing criminal charges. Let us hope that her hearing was done in one sitting. If this were the case, I would conclude that this is all a charade. Consequently, if this is the case, this is a made-up story orchestrated by the police and feminist foundations in Malta. In other words, the police want to help the government to deflect attention from the scandal of the hospitals. If this is true, imagine how inclined the police are to investigate the whole saga of corruption concerning our hospitals!

The Doctors for Choice and their allies are happy to give the police a helping hand in obfuscating this whole hospital saga in return for creating the right environment that can bring a public uproar which will lead to the introduction of abortion in Malta. In the meantime, the public will forget the hospital scandal. Obviously, like in the obscene hospital deal, some doctors will be making good money from the introduction of abortion in Malta. There is a saying in English that is also in Maltese, scratch my back, and I will scratch yours!

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