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It is said that a wise man proportions his belief to the evidence. A couple of things have surfaced in the last few days where a picture may provide the best evidence of what is going on. The following illustration captures a number of items that by themselves may not mean much but taken together raise answers rather than questions.

Clockwise: Tumuluri, Ciantar, Fearne and Muscat

In the illustration we see the shifty VGH (represented by Tumuluri), the fraudulent organization that bought our hospitals for one stinking euro. Notice how it practically paid the same amount to Carmen “Sweetheart” Ciantar and Joseph Ex-PM Muscat. Why the same amount? Because it acquired the same value when the big shots in government acquiesced the hospitals to it. Technically, it paid Joseph Muscat a bit more but then he was the prime minister unlike his subordinate Chris Fearne. Okay Muscat’s payment was for “consulting” and Ciantar’s was for “travel expenses.” But such technical terms are polite words for… what’s the word?

Also, what is it that both Tumuluri and Fearne find so special in chubby cheeked Ciantar? Why did they bankroll her as if their fortune depended on her? Because, quite frankly, it did. Who the heck is she that men are willing to break the bank for her? She is the cash cow bridge operating in an underworld befuddled by opaqueness.

Notice how Fearne’s exorbitant gift is an annual one that eventually meets (and surpasses) Tumuluri’s gift to the same Ciantar. This allows Ciantar to pull as much cash as she wants from her Maltese ATM and gift it to whoever she loves and pinches her cheeks. She does so with no financial trace, just like when you withdraw cash to buy mortadella and other groceries. To the naïve newspapers that are hunting for her foreign bank accounts, I say “Happy hunting.” The evidence is much closer to home, in the withdrawals from a Maltese bank that houses her sky-high salary payments. Check where the cash ended up, and good luck in your search.

The Gravy Train

Our politicians have figured out, post-Daphne, that receiving payments in foreign jurisdictions doesn’t have a happy ending since it’s only the first step. Even with bank secrecy, sooner or later the lid blows off. At some point the money has to come to Malta to pad the politician’s expenses. This is why Joseph Muscat received his “consultancy” fees in his Maltese, rather than his foreign, bank account. This is why the flow of money between Fearne’s and Ciantar is now Malta-based.

Ciantar tells us that she will fully cooperate with the authorities. No kidding. So did Mizzi, Muscat, and Schembri. Words are cheap. No, Labour won’t introduce abortion, the Prime Minister assured us before the election. “Fully cooperate” in scam investigations means saying “I don’t remember” as often as necessary, and sealing it with a polite “Bye, bye.”

Perhaps Ciantar should explain to us why she and her better half were helpless when VGH failed to pour any money into the much-needed renovations at St Luke’s and the other hospitals. About $400,000,000 went down the drain, into VGH’s and Stewart’s coffers. Ciantar is the highest paid CEO in government, and Fearne is our watchdog and minister in Health. What bought Ciantar and Fearne’s silence as $400,000,000 did nothing for our hospitals? They couldn’t not have noticed even if sharing the same mind and pocket. Their silence in the face of almost half a billion of corporate theft is deafening. It is the hallmark of compromised leadership.

St Luke’s falling apart.


  1. ”This is why the flow of money between Fearne and CHantar is now Malta based”. Come on peclqu tell us all about your claimed flow of money between Fearne and CHantar it shouldn’t be hard now that it is Malta based.

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