A new abortion ghost case came up in the media to deflect the attention of the Maltese nation from the Hospital scandal.

As predicted by this site, the story of the woman charged in court with seeking an abortion is being used so that, once again, the media puts pressure on the introduction of abortion in Malta. One only needs to examine how Karl Azzopardi is drumming the narrative to understand what is at play. The whole narrative is being written to make the public receptive to the abortion agenda. Nevertheless, Azzopardi and the other journalists are not telling the public that this story is turning into a ghost case. In other words, the sentence cannot be found in the system. One may say this was done to safeguard the woman in question. However, they could have always uploaded a redacted sentence, in particular, now that the media claims this woman is a victim of domestic violence. In other words, she is a victim of what the left love to call our patriarchal society. Let us hope we are not in front of another imbroglio like the Prudente story. Let us hope this government and its Prime Minister are not using this story to deflect attention from the international scandal concerning Chris Fearne and Carmen Ciantar.

In the light that the sentence and the entire file are not to be found in the court system, Karl Azzopardi should explain to the readers how he got all the information about this woman and her partner. How can the reader be sure that the truth is being reported? Let us not forget that the source of this story is coming from the media that supports abortion. How can a reader be convinced that what is being published is not what the abortion lobby wants to feed to the readers and that this is not the whole truth? I wish to remind the reader that the media never divulged this woman’s name while her case was heard behind closed doors. Therefore, how does Karl Azzopardi know all these details?

I am stating this because NOBODY can find a single drop of information about this case. We are being told that it was held behind closed doors. However, still, the sentence should be available. The fact that no one, including lawyers, can find the sentence makes the whole story more and more suspicious! Lawyers are starting to ask what is going on in this case.

So where could Azzopardi and the rest of the pro-abortion journalists get such info, as it does not exist on the online records of our court system? What can be stated is that, like the Prudente story, the media is playing the victim card. What is even strange in this case is that Karl Azzopardi uploaded this story yesterday at 10 p.m. Malta Today or any news portal would only post a significant article at night because the other side of the world is waking up. At that time, the honest Maltese citizen will be fast asleep and not looking at the news online. So this story would sell abroad where a woman is being stated to have been convicted while having mental issues and an abusive partner.

Stories about abusive partners have become another blueprint of the media pushing the abortion agenda. The abusive partner narrative is always present in all court cases the Women’s Rights Foundation patronizes and the mainstream media support. Incidentally, this case, whose file disappeared in thin air, is also patronized by this same association. In other words, we have the same lawyer, Lara Dimitrijevic. The natural question to ask is whether Lara Dimtrijevic is giving all this information to the media, including the story of an abusive partner. However, how reliable is she in the light that these facts cannot be checked and confronted with the actual court depositions?

Doctors for Choice Malta quickly wrote a post saying this is a disgrace. What is a disgrace is that the file of this whole saga is nowhere to be found. The Maltese nation has to rely on what the media in favour of abortion tells us about the case without the chance for the public to verify whether what is being written in our pro-abortion media is true or false. So I invite the Doctors of Choice to show us the proof. Please show us the proof! Where is it?

The Doctors for Choice are all desperate for another story after the Prudente story led them nowhere. Thus, we are faced with the same narrative. The Doctors of Choice Malta are making the same statements they used to do for Andrea Prudente without realizing they are destined to lose this battle again!

Why does Malta need to make changes urgently? Therefore, this is another case in which the media is pushing to create another international uproar and, in the meanwhile, deviate the attention from the scandal concerning our hospitals. Those behind this whole ploy still think that the Maltese are Gaħan. As in the case of the Prudente story, the truth will come out, and they know it. This story appears to have been all staged.

For sure, this whole narrative stinks. It stinks like the Prudente story. In the Prudente case, we heard many lies. In this case, we are already in front of a bizarre case where the victim’s name is not given. The media in favour of abortion stated that this is a domestic violence case, and then the court file to check this journalistic chronicle is untraceable.

How this story has all been staged will be the subject of a future blog.

One thought on “A new abortion ghost case came up in the media to deflect the attention of the Maltese nation from the Hospital scandal.

  1. Issa aqwa!!! Kulhadd jista joqtol minghajr bzonn ta tobba!!!
    20 sena ilu malli wasalt I’d dar u t fiel tieghi ta 5 snin gie jifrah bija waqa u habat rasu mal mejda u kellu bzonn punt kemm damu jgharbluni li sptar u damu jiccekkjaw u issa jekk thossok imsawta skond Robert Abela tista tistrieh billi toqtol tarbija…..u dawk komplici qisu ma gara xejn Alla jbierek la l partner li jsawwatha u lanqas min ibiegh il pilloli li qed jitfghu l ommijiet li sptar…

    Nispera li Robert Abela meta jkisser iz zero maternal deaths permezz tal l abort li jrid idahhal ikun ragel u jirrizenja minn kollox…

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