The Maltese Society for Christian Civilisation describes the sentence against Fr. David Muscat by the Maltese Appeals Court as deplorable and violates the norms of elementary justice.

The Maltese Society for Christian Civilizatio described the sentence of the Appeals Court against Fr. David Muscat as deplorable and violates the norms of elementary justice. For this reason, this society deplored the Appeals Court’s decision to condemn Rev. Father David Muscat to a suspended 6-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

This society notes with disappointment and sadness, that the charges levelled against Fr. Muscat were totally groundless, as proved in the first instance, and that the Appeals Court overturning of Fr. Muscat’s acquittal violates the norms of elementary justice. 

Pro Malta Christiana considers this latest court sentence fundamentally flawed as no mens rea has been proven against Fr. Muscat.  His Facebook post was deliberately taken out of context and the charge that he disseminated so-called hate speech is nothing short of scandalous.

Indeed, this case has been indicative of nothing more than an attack against religious and personal freedom of expression, particularly in the area of the authentic Catholic teaching on sexual morality. 

Pro Malta Christiana expresses its full solidarity with Fr. David Muscat, promising the prayers of its members and volunteers for his spiritual and material needs.  This latest court sentence is predicated on vindictiveness by an anti-Christian state apparatus and a political ideology intended to impose a dictatorship of relativism on an unwilling population.

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