One needs to listen to Professor Stock to understand how dangerous Edwina Grima‘s judgement is.

The Telegraph reports a commotion at Oxford between those favoring free speech, and students indoctrinated in transgender ideology. Professor Stock produces evidence to show that things are not right with those adhering to the gender ideology, which in Malta is being presented as well-being. Moreover, in Malta, we have a judge, Edwina Grima, who thinks it is morally right to follow laws that hinder the liberty of speech and uphold gender ideology.

Police were forced to remove protesters from a talk at the Oxford Union by Kathleen Stock, as the leading feminist told students some universities were becoming “propaganda machines for a particular point of view”.

Student activists infiltrated the debating chamber on Tuesday night and burst out of the audience around ten minutes into the event, chanting “no more dead trans kids”.

Five police officers removed Riz Possnett, a transgender activist who disrupted the talk where Prof Stock was being interviewed about her gender-critical views. Possnett’s hand was found to be glued to the floor when officers stepped in.

Two further protesters handed out flyers stating “Kathleen Stock is not welcome here” and “we will not let the trans youth of the future suffer as we have”, before they were booed out of the venue by audience members also calling for “free speech”.

Hundreds of protesters screamed and chanted outside the Union during the event as weeks of tension between trans activists and free speech defenders at the university came to a head.

Prof Stock, 50, is a former philosophy professor who resigned from her post at Sussex University in 2021 after a campaign of intimidation by trans rights activists.

The row over the Union’s decision to invite Prof Stock to speak is the biggest cultural debate to have engulfed Oxford University since the Rhodes Must Fall campaign, when protesters demanded the removal of a statue of the Victorian imperialist Cecil Rhodes as part of a movement to “decolonise” buildings and statues.

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