For over a month, the lifts at the Police Headquarters have been out of order.

It should be an issue of great concern that the lifts at the Police Headquarters are out of order. This is affecting badly individuals visiting the Malta Police General Headquarters. This is having a negative impact, in particular, on individuals with disabilities who have to go to the police headquarters to report or speak about all sorts of abuses.

Each visit is a painful ordeal for those with disabilities, as the absence of working lifts forces them to endure the physical strain of climbing stairs, worsening their condition and exacerbating their already distressing circumstances.

Even worse, the lifts at the Malta Police General Headquarters have been out of order for over a month now, and no one seems to worry. Unfortunately, some of the officers on duty seem insensitive to this issue, or better, the situation is beyond their control. While they express understanding regarding this matter with members of the public, they claim there is nothing they can do about it.

The situation is even affecting badly the health of the police officers themselves. The lifts appear to be out of order because work is being done on them. Consequently, police officers, particularly those working long twelve-hour shifts, must work in an environment surrounded by dust left behind by workers. For sure, urgent action needs to be taken so that the situation is rectified.

What should also be added is the complete absence of signs indicating ongoing repair or maintenance work. It is disheartening to note that even the basic health and safety principles seem to be disregarded entirely at the police headquarters. Ironically, officers tasked with reporting health and safety violations seem to be failing to adhere to simple rules within their workplace.

Persons who contacted the site stated that “the impact of non-functional lifts at the Malta Police General Headquarters goes beyond mere inconvenience; it represents a significant burden on individuals who need to go to the police headquarters to report crime or abuse“.

Thus, this article aims to raise awareness and advocate for necessary improvements to ensure equitable access and safety for all individuals visiting the headquarters. The police need to address these concerns that are being expressed by members of the same police force who contacted this site and asked that this situation is brought to the attention of the media to initiate a dialogue that undoubtedly can make a difference in the lives of those who are working at the police headquarters and visitors. This may also help others who are currently facing similar difficulties.

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