Christ, my writings and me.

By Marica Micallef

Some readers think that I am naive, mad, or an idealist. This can be surmised from the comments I receive beneath my articles. But I decided to start writing for this site to expose corruption, which sucks the blood of all ordinary men and women. To obey corrupt authority means to give up our humanity.

I am here to expose evil, so I write about evil. I do not follow it but I oppose it at every chance I get because I am aware that if we don’t oppose evil, we command it to be done. And this evil has been going on for many, many years which comes to you as helpful and deceitful. Right now, we are witnessing and experiencing the accumulation of all this evil which now has erupted like a volcano. But I firmly believe that as it happens with evil, at one point it starts eating itself. On the contrary, goodness builds itself up slowly, until it reaches the top, erupts, and discharges water like a fountain, annihilating all the evil. Things right now might feel like getting worse, but in reality, they are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight and continue to pull the veil. What is in the dark will, eventually, come to the light – not by might, nor by power, but by spirit.

I am here to deliver to the world a recount of what is going on in this unique moment in all the history of mankind during the most heinous crime against the people where humanity is being forced upon it the biggest psychological operation in the entire history.

I am here to help the people undo what they have been taught and made to believe.

I am here to spread the truth and speak the truth in a madness of a world full of lies. But I cannot make you believe it. Telling you what you don’t want to hear or what you are not ready to hear is not easy but it is what freedom and courage entail.

I am here to show to the people what they cannot see yet; to give to the people what I have learnt which they haven’t learnt yet; to help the people understand a pattern they cannot understand yet; to help the people see through the propaganda. In the face of ridicule, I am trying to translate it for you.

I am here thanks to the collective: thanks to Profs Simon Mercieca for this site and his offer; thanks to all those artists whose memes I at times add to blogs; thanks to all the videographers, authors, linguists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, researchers, scientists, doctors, good politicians, geologists and revolutionaries of past and present who have fought or are fighting evil; thanks to posts and comments of people on facebook, twitter or you tube; thanks to articles of the mainstream media and non- which assist me in my research. This is where the collective and the individual beautifully merge to push forth the light. But above everything, I am here thanks to Almighty God.

I am here to speak up for ALL HUMANITY OF ALL THE WORLD – I am here because whatever the road less travelled I might have to incur, I will always be rooting for humanity, and obey God’s authority because this is what a servant of God does.

I send healing, health, happiness, hope, courage, strength, abundance, prosperity, love, light, and blessings to ALL THE READERS AND ALL HUMANITY WORLDWIDE.

Thank you,

In Christ, Marica

One thought on “Christ, my writings and me.

  1. Good over Evil will only completely triumph at the end of times. Do you believe we are at that stage when it is the end of Humanity? Because without humans, without recognition, Earth and what is beyond are meaningless

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