When Chris Cardona, Keith Schembri and David Gatt dismissed the fact that they are involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

By Marica Micallef

Chris Cardona, his associate David Gatt and Keith Schembri had denied the fact that they are involved in Daphne’s murder, claims done by Vince Muscat il-Koħħu in court. They dismissed such claims as “pure rubbish”.

Interestingly now, this original statement by Vince Muscat il-Koħħu is also being repeated in the press release of the Degiorgio brothers, even though Muscat is now serving as a witness in proceedings against the same Degiorgio brothers, with whom he had formerly shared the dock.

According to Chris Cardona, this was just hearsay because Vince Muscat is repeating what the Degiorgio brothers had told him. As far as I know, min iħawwad fil-borma jkun jaf x’fiha! Isn’t it possible that they want the Maltese nation to swallow the fact that their names are coming up just by pure misfortune and lottery?

Schembri said that these are “utter lies and complete fiction” adding that it is “total and outright rubbish” and that what Muscat said about him is the figment of his very fertile imagination. Do the Degiorgios also happened to have such a fertile imagination?

The readers should be reminded that murder middleman-turned-state witness Melvin Theuma was in Castille with the same Keith Schembri although Schembri denied this. Denying is not enough. The photo speaks for itself:

In lieu of this, what are the odds that Cardona had held multiple meetings at Castille with Alfred Degiorgio? Cardona had said to the Times that this is an outright lie because he never had an office at Castille since his ministry was in Merchants’ Street, which is not even accessible by car which shows that this is an invention. Firstly, in Valletta one can enter on foot. Secondly, what are the odds that someone in the ring who was involved in all the plot, offered his Castille office to Cardona to meet him there? Thirdly, I am sure ministers do have various types of meetings in Castille. Lastly, I am convinced that they know what they are saying. At the end of the day, they are in prison and have nothing to lose.

“Cardona added that he could not explain why Muscat was ‘making up utter lies that can easily be confirmed to be false’. In comments to The Malta Independent, Cardona added: ‘I was never aware of any project to kill anyone… this is pure evil fiction.'” And yet, the Maltese nation does have proof that what Vince Muscat and the Degiorgios are claiming is true and this is the fact that Chris Cardona’s number was the only one saved in the mobile phone found by police in a raid, during which the three men were arrested over Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder and later charged with planting and detonating the bomb that killed Daphne.

David Gatt, Chris Cardona’s associate, also denied the claims, even though his name also appears in the Degiorgios press release. Muscat had said that Gatt would go to the Marsa shed where he would meet the Degiorgios and once gestured a thumbs-up sign to him.

“George Degiorgio told Muscat: ‘Do you know who told him? Keith (Schembri) il-Kasco’. We had thought it was Chris Cardona but it was Keith il-Kasco.'”

Gatt, he said, would mimic noises of an explosion and he understood that the thumbs-up was a reference to the ‘number one’ in Malta – Schembri.”

David Gatt could not explain why his name kept cropping up and he thinks that he is an easy target because both in his previous job as a police inspector and his current job as a lawyer, he is in constant contact with criminals. The mind boggles at such a statement. There are so many more police inspectors and lawyers working with criminals. None of them had their names mentioned in Daphne’s brutal murder.

Gatt added “I’m just a village lawyer and I had no involvement in any of these things.” I will further analyse this statement in a future piece.


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  1. ”I will further analyse this statement in a future piece”. Although your writing intentions are more or less clear, and you can continue RUBBER-BAND around any subject you happen to write about, I don’t think you will be able to discover any new phone number ony any phones siezed by law inforcement neither anything other than what have been outed so far, this is as all that had to be said and pushed-out hadbeen said/pushed-out, and all that wasn’t allowed to be pushed-out, had also been leaked-out to selected few. It is these leaked push-outs that are ticklish you to play this subject like a RUBBER BAND.

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