The Pro-Abortion activist, Jamie Vella, is coercing Pro-Life Activists within the PN and wants to force them into political oblivion with the support of the current PN leadership.

Pro-life groups are accusing the Pro-Abortion PN activist Jamie Vella of campaigning against them within the party structures, even though Bernard Grech wants to appear as the conservative politician who campaigns against abortion. Nevertheless, his political stand is just a facade and a political ploy. Thus, these groups reported their concern to the PN Secretary, Michael Piccinino, but Piccinino did not reply.

These groups wrote to Piccinino to inform him that Jamie Vella instructed Nationalist Party officials and candidates NOT to post on Pro-Life and Anti-Abortion pages. For this reason, members of these pro-life groups sent a joint letter to Piccinino to ask him to take action against Jamie Vella. However, Piccinino did not reply. It is more than clear that Pro-choice activist Jamie Vella enjoys protection within the PN’s elenchons. The political truth is that the PN is a pro-abortion party.

Faced with a no reply, the Pro-Choice lobby decided to go public about this story so that the general public could evaluate Jamie Vella’s action and the true feeling within the PN on this sensitive subject. In addition, the Pro-Life movements are asking the PN leadership to come out clean after this unprecedented attack on the Pro-Life Movement by Jamie Vella.

These movements continued to point out that “Jamie Vella’s membership in the PN goes contrary to the PN’s Statute, which clearly states that the PN is a party that safeguards life from the moment of conception till death. (Section 10.1). Thus, those joining the PN party should adhere to all the principles expressed by the party statute (Section 2, article 4).

The Pro-Life activists insist that Jamie Vella’s action is a big disappointment for all their members, whose number is more than 70,000.

Piccinino and Bernard Grech were reminded that the PN took action against Ivan Bartolo and Alex Borg and banned them from coming on our TV programme to explain why they voted against the Embryo Protection Act because of abortion concerns. However, this story proves they are in cahoots and the pockets of pro-abort exponents in the PN and pro-choice groups.

Jamie Vella is the new face of the PN and the person entrusted by Bernard Grech and Michael Piccinino to push the pro-abortion agenda within the party.

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