The Daily Telegraph places the Phoenicia Hotel among the best 30 Grand Dame Hotels of the World

The Maltese hotel Phoenicia has just been featured in a Daily Telegraph article about the world’s greatest and oldest ‘grand dame’ hotels. This article covered hotels from all over the world, and for a hotel to feature has to be over 100 years old. In the words of Fiona Duncan, who wrote this article, “A Grand Dame Hotel has stories to tell and secrets to keep. They are historic, full of dignity, and a sense of importance.” The fact that the Phoenicia was chosen to feature in this article means that this hotel had succeeded in keeping its glamour and remained an exciting place to visit and stay in.

On the other hand, Duncan comments that many grand dame hotels have fallen into oblivion, are dull and staid. This is not the case of the Phoenician thanks to the refurbishment that was done in 2017.

There is another consideration that Fiona Duncan made in her choice of hotels. Those in her article have a future. Duncan has visited the Phoenicia Hotel in person. It is among the 30 hotels that are discussed in this article. All the 30 hotels discussed by Duncan have a “striking balance between past glory and contemporary appeal”.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Telegraph places the Phoenicia Hotel among the best 30 Grand Dame Hotels of the World

  1. It’s still one of the best Hotels on this island.My father as a musician played with Jimmy Dowling in 1940.I played with Sammy Galea 1978.My son played with Dominic Galea.2000.
    We all enjoyed it.

  2. It has always been my family’s favourite since my mother and father met there in the mid 50’s at a Carnival Ball. So this hotel always had a special place in our heart ❤️

  3. My Father did all the art deco joinery in all ball rooms and restaurants. He still visits and we are extremely proud that it has been preserved so well.

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