A clear message to Saviour Balzan; it is your turn now because like others who were in contact with Yorgen Fenech left, now it is your turn to leave!

Saviour Balzan and his newspapers mercilessly attacked Rosianne Cutajar about her alleged connection with Yorgen Fenech. They demonised her and never condemned those years of threats to her that reached the abyss of iniquity with the chat leaks that we now know were handed to Mark Camilleri by the lawyer of the Caruana Galizia family and Opus Dei member Jason Azzopardi. They showed no mercy no even in the current circumstance in which Rosianne Cutajar finds herself now that she has formed a relationship with a man and is expecting a child. But this is the culture of a member of the Opus Dei.

These are the same group of people who were responsible for the attacks and planned campaigns to ridicule Edward Zammit Lewis simply because he had chatted with Yorgen Fenech. Obviously whoever produced these chats knew members of the judiciary who also happen to be members of Opus Dei and would come to his defence. Furthermore, these same people whispered in Robert Abela’s ear not to reappoint Edward Zammit Lewis Minister!

Those who preach holiness went so far as to ensure that Joe Cuschieri is no longer Chairman of MFSA because he travelled with Yorgen Fenech. On all these occasions, Saviour Balzan was not bothered to publish selected passages that were coming from a member of Opus Dei, who was non other than Jason Azzopardi so that he harmed people. Jason Azzopardi did all this for his own personal gain.

Now Saviour Balzan is stating that he is being blackmailed by Jason Azzopardi who is going to publish his chats with Yorgen Fenech. Certainly the individual that the Opus Dei is going to use to reveal these chats is known to everyone. Forget that this was the same person who strived to destroy Catholic culture in Malta.

With Newsbook, he defended himself by attacking Anton Attard who was also a consultant as were many of the people known to Yorgen Fenech. What has happened to Yorgen Fenech is what happened to Christ or the prodigal son. When he was at the helm, everybody wanted to be his friend. I am one who has never known Fenech and never received anything from him even though Vicki Ann Cremona, a University of Malta professor. – who today is as thick as sin with Jason Azzopardi and Mark Camilleri – is not bothered to lie about me and insinuates that I am receiving money from Yorgen Fenech. I have already started letting Vicki Ann Cremona know who truly is pocketing money from Yorgen Fenech. I remind her that there are families of lawyers close to the Repubblichini and the Caruana Galizia family as well as the church that take money from the Tumas Group because for them money is not dirty. On this too I have already written a blog.

But now the principle has been established. Whoever had any contact with Yorgen Fenech has to leave. Saviour Balzan rubbed his hands when this happened and someone else was hit. He was foolish enough to believe that he could go on kowtowing because he would never be hit. Now it seems that his hour is nigh.

But like others who have left, he too has to go. He is going to have to resign from Media Today since he was with Yorgen Fenech. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I ask Saviour Balzan whether this was the message that Mark Camilleri sent to him in the late night phone call made to Matthew Vella after Camilleri had published the chats concerning Rosianne Cutajar? And I ask Saviour Balzan whether the article he penned on Sunday in Malta Today was prompted by this phone call? After all, Camilleri brags that he has dethroned the mighty!

It is expected that Matthew Vella who I believe is a man of principle tells Saviour Balzan or he himself leaves or he will have to resign as editor. Both Kurt Sansone and James Debono would lose all credibility if they defend Saviour Balzan when now it has been established that he was part of Yorgen Fenech’s clique. Finally this is the gist of the article that was published on Sunday by Saviour Balzan to defend his past actions.

The point now is not whether Saviour Balzan is going to or has to resign but it is a matter of how long is it going to take him to resign. In this way, Opus Dei will have removed another person. But it serves Saviour Balzan right because he is tired of inventing stories on individuals in the same manner he invented a lovely story about me saying that I was a gun for hire. After Sunday’s article by Saviour Balzan, it is clear who is the real gun for hire.

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