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Maltese with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and those who are grossly overweight should be denied

The chances of survival for stage 4 pancreatic cancer are generally low even though our public
healthcare system may have some of the best doctors that we can wish for. Stage 4 pancreatic cancer
means that the cancer has spread to other organs beyond the pancreas, which makes it more
challenging to treat. The five-year survival rate for stage 4 pancreatic cancer is typically around 1%.
It should be unlawful to treat or advertise treatments for pancreatic cancer. Advertising includes the
publishing, displaying, distributing, and circulating of any material promoting the practice. Those who
promote the treatment as well as those physicians or other healthcare workers who try to heal
someone’s pancreatic cancer should be fined heavily or locked in jail.

Treatment practices for pancreatic cancer should be stopped once and forever. These practices make
those with pancreatic cancer feel as though they are lesser than others who are cancer free. It is
extremely dangerous that there are still those that persist in promoting the treatment of pancreatic
cancer despite studies showing that the probability of success is extremely remote.

The same applies to the treatment of those who are grossly overweight. With the cost-of-living spiraling
out of control, nothing beats greasy “pastizzi” or a carb-ridden “ħobża” for a low budget meal. Scientific
studies demonstrate that those who succeed in losing weight eventually bounce back more obese than
ever before. Weight loss affects hormone levels such as leptin, ghrelin and insulin which play a role in
appetite regulation. These hormonal changes eventually increase hunger, decrease satiety, and make it
more challenging to stick to a reduced-calorie diet. Overweight Maltese shouldn’t feel lesser than
others. Those who try to promote diet food and exercise should be incarcerated and hit with massive
financial fines. They know that obesity is a losing battle that gives false hope to the afflicted.

The above logic isn’t mine but springs from Parliamentary Secretary for Equality Rebecca Buttigieg’s
repeated comments about conversion therapy for gays. Conversion therapy is an uphill struggle like the
cure for pancreatic cancer and obesity. It is for this reason that I have copied Buttigieg’s following
comments and plastered them above in reference to cancer and obesity: “An amendment to the law
that bans gay conversion therapy will strengthen the legislation to also make it illegal for anyone to
promote the practice. It has been unlawful since 2016 to perform or advertise conversion practices,
which try to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Those found guilty of doing so
already face a fine of up to €5,000 or five months in jail. The new amendment will redefine the
advertising clause of the law to include the publishing, advertising, displaying, distributing, referral and
circulation of any material promoting the practice.”

She repeatedly says that conversion therapies are likely ineffective and “can make those within the
LGBTIQ community feel as though they are lesser than others.” So do ministers living in villas or driving expensive cars, I add. They make us the taxpayers feel lesser than them. Civil servants on a lower pay
scale than her feel as though they are lesser too. There is no equality in life except in her job title, a
mischievous joke foisted on her by the prime minister.

There is no equality when only gays should give up. There is no second chance for them. But wait! It gets
even more absurd. The same Buttigieg is now seeking to wipe clean the criminal record for drug
convictions so that convicts could take on security and personal care jobs. Convicts are convicts but, in
their case, she will delete their record and fool their prospective employers and patients who entrust
them with personal care in private home settings. To give the incorrigibles a second chance.

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So, €5,000 and five months jail for conversion therapists helping decent citizens like homosexuals. And
ministerial salaries and perks for the crooks who cover up for convicts, unleashing them on the innocent
and civilized. Convicts are convicts by choice and should be held responsible for their action. The woman
is undermining public safety in deleting convictions. She is also pushing Maltese gays, many of whom
demand conversion therapy, into the dark alleys and isolated desperation. So would she to cancer
ridden and obese patients if the equality secretary applied her twisted reasoning across the board.


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