Saviour Balzan reveals that it was Jason Azzopardi who passed on the chats to the journalists: now everyone realizes who is the true mafioso!

Today I just published an article on Saviour Balzan where I asked him a few questions to which he did not reply. Meanwhile, I have just read an article published by Saviour in Malta Today that in part, but not completely, answers my questions.

In today’s article, Saviour Balzan accuses Jason Azzopardi of being the individual who has given the forbidden chats to journalists. This signifies that it is Jason who has passed on these chats to Mark Camilleri.

I remind readers that Jason Azzopardi had requested that criminal action be taken against me because according to him I had published chats on which there existed a court ban when in reality I never published anything. Yet magistrate Rachel Montebello accepted his petition and in principle also accepted Azzopardi’s theory that whoever publishes prohibited material is to be considered a mafioso. Lest we forget, Azzopardi had presented this petition at the behest of the Caruana Galizia family.

It is now obvious that Jason Azzopardi is the person who is breaking the court ban and passing on the information to third parties. I now hope that the court registrar takes the necessary steps after what Saviour Balzan has written about Azzopardi and I look forward to the Chamber of Advocates issuing a press release.

Once again I repeat what Azzopardi told Magistrate Montebello in Court. Anyone who publishes material on which there is a court ban is in league with criminals. Now with Azzopardi’s own argument we know who associates with criminals. This is the lawyer of the Caruana Galizia family and is as thick as sin with the Repubblichini and with academics like Prof Vicki Ann Cremona who believe they are all holier than thou.

One must remember that Jason Azzopardi is a member of the Opus Dei a secret sect to which some members of our judiciary also are affiliated. Now we can conclude from where and by whom this lawyer is being given protection.

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