Women groups are shouting that rape victims should not be asked about the way they were dressed.

These are some pictures taken during a modelling session in Miami of the latest fashion in women’s swimwear. I will not go into whether it is ethical or not to dress in this way. But I am sure such attire is highly provocative, particularly for boys and young men.

However, on seeing these pictures, the whole media hullabaloo came to mind after a lawyer asked a woman, who is a victim of sexual assault, what she was wearing at the time when the assault happened. A number of feminists objected to this line of questioning in court.

For this reason, I am returning to these pictures of this female attire. Imagine that this becomes part of mainstream fashion in the years to come. And a woman dressed in this way becomes a victim of rape. According to the women’s organizations and several feminists, lawyers defending the aggressor should have no right to ask the victim how she was dressed. In other words, the defense lawyer has no right to ask questions to check whether the woman was seeking to be sexually provocative with her behavior or not. The dress represents a social code. Therefore, lawyers have a right to ask if a victim was dressed in a way to be sexually attractive. Then, if this is not the case, the victim can make a stronger case about the damages suffered.

Dresses are part of the social written codes. While social dress codes change, the changes and new fashions still happen within a context that no court can or should ignore. Thus, while lawyers have a right to ask about dress codes, it is up to the court to hold whether the dress code of the victim at the time of the aggression represents a provocation. All events need to be analysed within a context. Society needs to analyse within the context of the social fabric of the time.

What is worrying today is that the Woke insists that women have a right to express their femininity, even provocatively, but then, men cannot express their masculinity. Masculinity and femininity are expressed through different codes, which Michel Foucault rightly gathered under bio-power. What the Woke want is the cancellation of men’s masculinity. This goes against the same nature of men and biological organisms. Finally, the creation of civilization by men subdued the animal instinct by creating a code of ethics. However, neither men nor women can pretend to push the code of sexual ethics to the extreme, as the risks are very high. The whole social fabrication will eventually collapse, as is happening to the woke culture.

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