While Lovin Malta massacres Catholics, Christians and Evangelicals, it has trumpeted Neil Agius’s unorthodox beliefs – Newsbook is silent.

By Marica Micallef

Lovin Malta had published an article about Neil Agius titled “I Gave Offerings To An Ocean Spirit Before My Swim’: Neil Agius Opens Up On His Unorthodox Beliefs” where Lovin Malta orgasmed on telling us that Agius feels a deep connection to Iemanjá, a Brazilian spirit of the sea, to which Agius and his fiancée Lara Vella made some offerings before Agius’s start of the feat. According to Agius, this is a spiritual dimension that helps him a lot while meditating and swimming, and that “he feels the spirit channels him messages to keep himself strong while swimming.”

I am writing this now to continue to show the readers the reverence and extreme coverage on everything that this swimmer is given, like the fact that he got engaged moments before setting off on his feat, as if such a news is the first of its kind:

In addition, I remind the readers to the fact that while this same media massacres Fr David Muscat, Fr Luke Seguna and Pastor Gordon Manche, it did not massacre paganism, fake gods, and fake spirituality of Neil Agius which it sells you as appealing and spiritual! This is the agenda that the media is selling you. It is in cahoots with the anti-Christian movement so to twist the public’s opinion about Christians and Catholics while making it glorify any other sort of “spirituality”. This is a very dangerous damage-control mind exercise where something which is part of the agenda is normalised so to annihilate Christ and His believers.

Lovin Malta took to lengths to describe Agius’s worship and beliefs.

“Before my Sicily-Malta swim last year, Iemanjá told me to use the sun as a source of energy and said it will bounce right back off to the bottom of the sea and back into my heart and give me energy.

Before the [Limosa-Gozo] swim, she told me to use the moon – she said the moonlight won’t go to the bottom of the sea but it will go directly into me. So, when the moon was up I made sure the boat which accompanied me didn’t cover the line from me to the moon. You feel it empowering you – all the light and energy going right through you.”

Agius even credits Iemanjá for the extremely vivid hallucinations he saw under the sea while swimming this time around.” Was he on plant medicine or some kind of drugs or fatigued? Wasn’t this the brain playing games when you are undergoing such feat?

Agius also confirmed he visited a shaman, who unsurprisingly told him that the blue whale is his spirit animal and that it was Lara who introduced him to the world of spirituality.

“Lara was undergoing spirituality for a while, I saw her meditating and practicing certain things and let her be. Then I started sitting next to her and getting closer to her, with her guiding me through it each time.”

This is esoterism and it is the portals which evil spirits use to come forth and through!

Where is God Almighty whom he should be thanking for the gifted talents he has; for giving him a body which is a pure miracle and thanks to which, he could do such a feat? Where are his thanks to God for giving him the possibility, finances, and all he needed, to be able to do such a feat?

What we read in this article is all fake spirituality of the New Age Movement with a false façade of the fake and the awake myth which entails worshipping a god, a goddess or a guru; chasing ‘spiritual’ goals; praying for what I can get; high vibes only; the ‘spread of the artificial and superficial love syndrome;’ the brotherhood and sisterhood cult; and where enlightenment is reached via success.

Aletheia Luna had stated: “The spiritual ego is the most dangerous type of ego of all. If you aren’t mindful, it can wreak total destruction in your life – but not in a violent or aggressive way. Instead, the spiritual ego is disguised under the mask of ‘good intentions’, ‘higher vibration’, ‘awakened perspective’, and humble pomposity. Beware of the spiritual ego.”

All of the above is the kind of “spirituality” that Lovin Malta is selling you.

Spirituality has nothing to do with meditation, and all of the above. And yet Lovin Malta found no scruples in dedicating a whole article to such a commercialisation of spirituality. You should all know that something that is inside you, since the only way out is in, is not to be traded, marketed or charged. Yet, Lovin Malta is trading with you this spirituality because in fake spirituality, the only way in, is out!

For Lovin Malta, megalomania and narcissism, and other sorts of behaviour rooted in brainwashing, financial greed, lukewarm spirituality, questionable ethics, and out-of-control egos, is spirituality.

Had Neil Agius been a Christian, or a Catholic, or a member of the River of Love, rest assured that either Lovin Malta would have never given him coverage or they would just do one article or two related to his feats. His Christianity would be ignored. Agius would not have been acclaimed as the media’s guru.

Liberal Lovin Malta of the liberal and the woke with its anti-Christian movement finds no scruples in pushing this “spirituality” with a fake goddess and a touch of pagan rituals, and yet sees how to massacre Catholics and the Evangelicals, like Fr David Muscat, Fr Luke Seguna and Pastor Gordon Manche! And, Newsbook journalists are in cahoots with journalists pushing forward an anti-Christian and an anti-Catholic agenda in Malta.

2 thoughts on “While Lovin Malta massacres Catholics, Christians and Evangelicals, it has trumpeted Neil Agius’s unorthodox beliefs – Newsbook is silent.

  1. How can you prove that Fr David Muscat, Fr Luke Seguna or Pastor Gordon Manche’s god is not fake as Neil Agius’ ocean spirit? There is NO EVIDENCE of god’s existence.

    1. God is not proven. God is felt and experienced. “Blessed are those who do not see but beIieve in me.” I experienced God myself when I was an atheist myself for some years. Moreover, if you look at the mirror or even study some physiology, you will realise what a mirace our body is and that it did not materialise from the big bang or from nothing.

      On another note, the blog was about the fact that the woke and the liberals are driving an anti-Christian agenda while hailing paganism or any other sort of beliefs other than Christian and Catholic. We should be living in a world which ideally either follows one God which I will keep on repeating, is the Christian God or else we respect each others’ beliefs. Yet again, the fact that the agenda is anti-Christian proves that Christ existed and that the agenda wants to remove Christ and Christians from the world.
      In Christ, Marica

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