The woman accused of falsely reporting a bolt driver of rape sponsored campaigns against domestic violence and supports feminist associations in Malta.

This site is in a position to reveal that the woman accused of falsely reporting a bolt driver of rape was posting on Facebook messages against domestic violence and has created a foundation to sponsor women’s organizations. The name is QLZH Foundation and such an acronym stands for Quicklets Zanzi Homes Foundation, which are the businesses owned by the accused. Amongst others, this foundation sponsored activities related to last month women’s day. In 2021, her foundation produced a video in support of women’s day. Then, in November 2022, she used her Facebook page to write a message condemning violence against women.

Such types of messages and sponsorship may appear innocuous. However, what is more concerning is that she is a director sponsoring activities in support of women and urging women, victims of domestic violence, to break the silence and report their cases to the police or women’s associations and now she is accused of falsely accusing a man with sexual violence. While all women who are victims of domestic violence should report all forms of abuse, such a message is very suspicious given the context of this fake sexual assault. What interest should a woman have in fabricating a false rape story and posting messages urging women to report domestic violence? The impression that one gets by joining the dots is that there is more to this post than an altruistic plea against violence against women.

In the meantime, The Times stated that this woman’s name could not be published to protect her son. What I find odd is that Malta Today published her surname. Let’s hope that the Times did not mention her name because she is in the rental market business to protect her, as other media outlets did not mention such a ban and mentioned her by name.

Nevertheless, when Sergeant Glenn Carabott was accused of raping a woman in 2021, his name and photo were published by The Times. Maybe, Carabott is a man, and therefore, it is licit for The Times’ editor to have his name and photo published. Back in 2021, no one argued that it was not right to publish his name because he, too, has a child. These are a few examples of double standards in our media reporting. In the case of Glenn Carabott, no one even dares to ask whether this man is a victim of false accusations. Who cares. He is just a man! A species slowly being turned into an inferior human being by the Woke media in the West. Incidentally, all the female organizations where hell bent against Carabott. These are the same organizations receiving support from one of the directors of Quicklets and Zanzi, who is now being accused with lodging a false report to the police, thus, if it is true, turning herself from a rape victim to a perpetrator. In front of this case, women’s organisations are in complete silence.

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