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The opposition exists to oppose. It doesn’t oppose by choice. It’s the general public that elects it to oppose. The public could have elected it to govern but it didn’t. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

The strength of a country’s governance is measured by the strength of its opposition. It is the opposition that keeps the government in check just as Adrian Delia masterfully demonstrated when he pulled the veil off a corrupt Ministry of Health which increasingly exists to kill the country’s young and run amok with fraudsters posing as investors.

A party doesn’t need to be rude in order to oppose. Gandhi was highly effective in opposing British rule in colonial India. He was fastidiously polite but firm in his opposition. It’s the facts that are at stake.

The NP increasingly plays the part of a sugar daddy, supporting the government in its brazen schemes. In our Maltese democracy the facts are clear. Laws are primarily applied against those who stand up against the government of the day and its agenda. The NP should have no illusions about this.

The police may dish out punitive tickets to countless drivers for poor parking practices. Yet, drivers who have connection to the party in government are absolved later in the process by contacting “il-hbieb tal-hbieb.” It was the same under the Nationalist Party. Laws are like pie crusts to the party in government, made to be broken for the sake of retaining political support. Supporters of the opposition on the other hand pay dearly, “in line with the law.” There is no forgiveness for them. 

When the NP joined the government in enacting stiffer sentences for traffic infringements, it knew that Nationalist voters would be more likely to feel the brunt of higher penalties. And that the money generated by extra penalties would further fuel an immoral Labour agenda in the country. The NP should not have cooperated. It should have voted against the penalties. The higher the penalties, the higher the incentives for Labour supporters to wiggle themselves off the hook, leaving the Nationalists dangling.

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When Labour first came to power a few years ago, it solemnly promised that it had solid plans to eradicate the traffic congestion problem. Without being specific about the steps involved in the plan, Joseph Muscat repeatedly assured the incredulous press that the plan was for real. An incoming Labour administration would bring it to full fruition, we were told. We have what we have, chaos in our streets, because the plan was never initiated, much less implemented. The NP, rather than cooperating with increased penalties, should press the Labour government for the implementation of the plan. Labour has never said that the plan was an electoral bluff. Or that it was meant to take a gullible public for a ride. Let Labour now fess up under continuous pressure why it won’t implement the plan and relieve the congestion in our streets. The NP is pressing the wrong buttons on the issue.

Likewise, when the NP repeatedly joined the government in inflicting the most draconian laws against free speech on gay issues, it was subsequently the Christians that were taken to court for expressing their faith and experience. This website has given repeated examples of Labour supporters fomenting anti-gay hatred with impunity, from DJ Ryan, a highly visible Labour activist, to Labour Satanist Maya Dimitrijevic publicly mucking gays around her private parts. Yet, a corrupt police administration wouldn’t budge an inch against them.


If the NP, as a party, betrays its principled supporters, how does it expect them to show up at its May 1st corner meeting? We have seen enough of the party’s ineptness and how it won’t act to defend its own. Instead, it levies more fines against its voters. It could just as well have been with the NP in mind that Dante reserved the ninth and worst circle of the Inferno for the traitors.


  1. The Opposition isn’t there to oppose by virtue of its nature but to criticize constructively and give alternatives, hence being an alternative Government in waiting. The PN is already being labelled as too negative (in actual fact it is!) consequently, it has to concentrate on giving alternatives and how they will do a better job. With regard to the transport situation on the island, definitely that solutions are long overdue now. We have too many cars on our roads and too many cowboys and cowgirls behind the wheel!! Having free public transport alone did not make the difference we were expecting!! I agree to have heftier fines ONLY for repeated offenders!!!

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