Magistrate Montebello does not accept Mark Camilleri’s request to testify via video link. He has to turn up at the next sitting

On Thursday, 4th May, the media informed us that Rosianne Cutajar, being indisposed, did not attend a court sitting due. It was fitting to inform readers, but one has to ask why the media did not give the whole picture and also inform the public about Mark Camilleri’s position in this case. Was he present in Court? In a message he posted on his Facebook page, he clearly stated that he was going to carry on sleeping though he was expected to turn up in Court. This is the respect that Mark Camilleri has for our Court. Strangely, on these matters, the Repubblichini fail to comment.
Mark Camilleri roughly ran as follows:

By the way, Today Rosianne Cutajar is going to Court to continue flagellating herself, I am going to sleep. Good morning and congratulations Minister.

God forbid an ordinary citizen behaved in this manner because he/she would be marched off to court accused of disrespect, and a big show would ensue. Nevertheless, Mark Camilleri is free to do as he pleases because he has the backing of the Repubblichini. I state this because, with his post, Camilleri was categorically clear that he had no intention of attending court and would carry on sleeping. Hence, when Rosinne Cutajar does not turn up in court is important to the media, but when Mark Camilleri does not attend and declares he has no intention to do so, this is of no consequence! This is Malta’s so-called independent journalism.

However, the media should have reported what Magistrate Montebello decreed stated. She has ordered that Mark Camilleri must appear in person at the next sitting, which has now been adjourned to October. I have not read this information in Malta Today or the Times of Malta. All The Times stated was that Cutajar’s lawyer objected to Camilleri testifying via video link. In fact, during this hearing, Magistrate Montebello did not accept Mark Camilleri’s request. As a result, he will have to appear in person at the next sitting.

I believe that journalists must start reporting with a degree of equanimity if they wish to be considered reliable.

One thought on “Magistrate Montebello does not accept Mark Camilleri’s request to testify via video link. He has to turn up at the next sitting

  1. L-“e bilhaqq” ittiehdet minn xi kitba f’dan is-sit jaqaw? Bhala mod ta’ kif niddiehku b’xi kittieba li nzertat mara?

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