The PN joined Government to increase traffic fines so that more money can be given to those associations supporting abortion and have an agenda against men.

The media told us that the Nationalist Party has voted with the government for a hefty increase in traffic fines. Of course, many drivers will agree that Malta needs stricter traffic regulations and heftier fines. Nevertheless, has the reader ever realized where part of this money the government is pocketing from these fines is going? The government is using this money to support abortion propaganda and those associations which are hell-bent on making the lives of men in Malta miserable. In the process, the persons behind are making a good buck.

Malta Men’s Rights Foundation has already highlighted that one million euros were allocated just for education and training to these pro-women associations to organize courses on domestic violence. Then, looking at who is behind these associations, one finds that these are the same four or five persons; in one case, a husband and wife each running a separate association. However, a miracle of miracles, both their associations get thousands of euros in funding for the same courses.

Now, the Nationalist party has joined the government to support the increase in ticket fines so that these associations, which are very close to the Labour, continue getting more money – no wonder the PN is losing all the support among the electorate.

Has anyone ever thought of the male victims following false accusations by women? Do associations fighting the woke agenda get funding to train women not to lie? Of course not. No one thinks that men can be victims of false allegations.

While it is true that violence against women exists, there are indeed men who are victims of their wives’ or partners’ lies. These men find these feminist associations, partly funded by the hefty traffic fines working against them. Only those associations that endorse the narrative that women are always victims and men the perpetrators get funding.

In other words, with its vote, the Opposition is supporting the Government to continue financing associations that, with their actions and legal advice, are only perpetrating crime in Malta. However, no one, not even the Opposition, wants to look into this matter and denounce it.

The Opposition should not be afraid of mainstream media criticism for denouncing the obvious. More and more court stories show that innocent men have been wrongfully accused of sexual harassment in Malta. For example, we had a foreign health worker falsely accused of sexual harassment and who committed suicide in prison. No one ever apologized for this horrific mistake! No one mentions the death of this man in prison.

Today, we have a media war on men. Sometimes this war can misfire, as when the media reported that an American, who turned out to be a soldier, committed sexual harassment in St. Paul’s Bay. After a day, the whole story was forgotten, and instead, a parallel story was presented about an Egyptian plasterer being accused of having committed such an offence in the same locality.

Now both the government and the opposition are ensuring that those associations that are in the good books of the American Embassy for fostering hatred propaganda against men and putting Western Masculinity in crisis will be guaranteed more money generated from heftier traffic fines.

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