Malta Men’s Rights Foundation expresses its concerns after a man was falsely accused of rape

The Times reported that a woman is being held in custody after falsely reporting a man with rape. The man is a Bolt driver. The man told the police that sex was consensual.

Malta Men’s Rights Foundation issued a statement denouncing the local institutions’ silence, including the Commission on Gender-Based and Domestic Violence, to comment on this case. This Commission should be gender neutral, meaning it is duty-bound to issue a statement confronted with violence cases, irrespective of the gender that commits them.

Even the female NGOs remained silent about this case. However, one would expect too much from them to comment in this case. These are usually the first to shout and condemn our patriarchal society whenever a man is accused of rape. Let us hope that the woman accused of falsely reporting this man of sexual violence did not receive assistance from individuals of these foundations or the foundations themselves to press false charges against this man.

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