There are millionaire crooks in every country now. The situation is desperate by a millionfold – the tax hiking Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

By Marica Micallef

Countries are truly blessed with their politicians. The French have the “President of the Rich” wearing an expensive watch; the Canadians have Justin “Castro” Trudeau whose net worth grew between 2020 and 2022 from around $10 million to $385 million, on an annual salary of just $371, 600; we the Maltese have the scientific mouthpiece of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al, Chris Fearne whose net worth in 2021 was that of $1 million to $5 million, and the British have Rishi Sunak.

Although being the fifth richest country in the world, “rip-off Britian” is seeing households and children suffering thanks to the Great Reset agenda. In 2022, the number of British children in poverty has doubled to almost four million. “According to the Food Foundation thinktank, one in five (22%) households reported skipping meals, going hungry or not eating for a whole day in January, up from 12% at the equivalent point in 2022.” This is thanks to government austerity policies, with reports of children dying from malnutrition-related illness.

But then we have the puppet Rishi Sunak, whose released accounts showed that he declared around £5m earnings in 3 years, but he paid tax at just 22pc. “Tax returns dating back to his time as chancellor show that between 2019/20 and 2021/22, he received £1,006,374 in income, plus £3,760,588 in capital gains” which makes a total of £4,766,962. But on all this, he paid income tax and capital gains tax totalling £1,053,060.

“A Labour source said: ‘So while Sunak was jacking up everyone else’s tax, he was paying a tax rate of about 22% on millions of pounds of income.'”

“Downing Street has been promising to release the PM’s tax returns for months, but eventually chose to do so on the same day that Boris Johnson was giving evidence to the privileges committee and MPs were voting on the Windsor Framework.

That led to suggestions that Number 10 were trying to ensure that it got less media coverage that would ordinarily have been the case.

Sunak’s income comes from a mixture of his MP’s and ministerial salary (£411,000), share dividends of £542,000 and £3,244 in bank interest.

His capital gains income comes from a US-based investment fund, which is currently held in a blind trust.

In addition, Sunak – who held a US green card when he lived in California – also received share dividends in America totalling $344,318 (around £281,000) over the last three years and paid £51,648 (£42,200) in tax.

Lib Dem Cabinet Office spokesperson Christine Jardine said: ‘After months of promising to release his tax returns, I don’t understand why Rishi Sunak has snuck them out whilst the world is distracted with Boris Johnson’s partygate grilling.

‘People will be much more concerned today about the staggering tax hikes Rishi Sunak has imposed on them.

‘The blunt truth is that we should judge politicians on their actions, not their wealth. Rishi Sunak will be remembered as the tax hiking Prime Minister and no Boris Johnson distraction will stop that.'”

So while the British in rip-off Britain are being ripped off thanks to the Great Reset and its tax hiking Prime Minister, its tax hiking Prime Minister is making sure to continue ripping it off by evading taxes.

There are millionaire crooks in every country now. The situation is desperate by a millionfold.

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