Yesterday, Matthew Caruana Galizia was in court and did not say one word about the laptop.

Yesterday, Matthew Caruana Galizia testified in court in a libel case that Joseph Muscat instituted against his mother. This libel case concerns the accusations that Daphne Caruana Galizia made that the wife of Joseph Muscat was the owner of Egrant. As his mother has been murdered, her heirs must assume the burden of these libel cases.

What came out of the court proceedings yesterday is that Matthew Caruana Galizia admitted that he does not have evidence on the Egrant case. This is extremely serious as the Egrant story was presented as a fait accompli case. The only evidence that exists comes from the inquiry of Magistrate Aaron Bugeja. Daphne Caruana Galizia was one of the persons who gave testimony. What comes out is that Daphne Caruana Galizia’s testimony was in total contradiction to the one given by Maria Efimova, the Russian lady, who was, in the meantime, charged with perjury.

Yesterday, Mr. Matthew Caruana Galizia said he could only provide evidence if a miracle happened and some box was sent from the sky, which would support his claims. Mr. Caruana Galizia has or had this box. All the evidence was in the PC that he refused to hand over to the police. If the police and the inquiry magistrate had been more diligent and made sure to have the computer in their possession, there would have been evidence to establish whether Daphne Caruana Galizia or her son Matthew were telling the truth.

For sure, Matthew Caruana Galizia had the computer in his possession. The question that is always asked is why Matthew Caruana Galizia wanted this computer destroyed. If it had the evidence that the wife of Joseph Muscat was the owner of Egrant, he would have kept a copy of the evidence as he kept copies of other emails that he had exhibited in court in other cases.

Therefore, one is legitimate to conclude that the Egrant story was invented. It is fake news. If the Caruana Galizia family had concrete proof of the Egrant story, they would have kept it to exhibit it in court. They kept copies of emails concerning third parties and ensured they were not destroyed. In contrast, the rest of the emails and materials were deleted in Germany.

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