No Car Deposit categorically denies being caught with drugs or arms at their showroom: owners reiterate that they are victims of fake news

This morning, this site uploaded a letter from a blog reader wherein this person recounted her experience after buying a car from No Car Deposits. In this letter, the name of Mr. Camenzuli was mentioned. On his part, Mr. Joseph Camenzuli sent his reply where he denies the accusations made, particularly the one that Christian Borg ever told one of the clients that his bank is Robert Abela. He also dismissed the assertion made in this letter that individuals with drugs or arms were caught at the car showroom. The reply is the following:

We would like to go into some of the details regarding the complaint by one of our customers have sent you. 

As the details of the complaint are hidden, we cannot evaluate the exact reasons of the complaint and we have no idea whom the clients are. However the client mentioned that we had started legal action to collect un-paid dues. 

While we do understand that every vehicle sold can eventually have mechanical failures it is important to note that we are selling used second hand vehicles and not brand new vehicles. 

As per our advertisements we do indeed offer warranty on vehicles – for example when we sell a year 2020 model, it indeed comes with at least 2 year warranty, but when a car is for example 7 years old, no dealer can offer any warranty on it. 

While we do appreciate your hard work and know that your work is done honestly there are some false allegations to make the story more interesting written in the post for example – 

  • In-nies anka nqabdu bid-droga u bl-armi ġox-showroom.
  • Dawn inqabdu bid-droga u kull min jaħdem hemm huwa frodist 
  • “lili jagħmluli x’jagħmluli, jiena għandi l-kbir ta’ Malta jaqbeż għalija“. 
  • U Christian Borg qalilna li l-bank tagħhom hu Robert Abela!

All the above is false, untrue, and Im sure you can appreciate that currently we are facing a rampage of negative feedback orchastrated by non-paying angry clients, being pushed by a certain lawyer, throwing as much as much mud and false alegations for the sole reason to attack the prime minister, and promising the clients that the contract will be voided in return. 

It is now becoming over exaggerated that nothing is making any sense from al these fake accusations. 
Please do let me know if you require any further information and once again we thank you for your great work. 

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