The bizarre case of the sexual assault by the Egyptian national Najah Agheez on the Italian woman

The media told us that the Egyptian Najah Agheez had assaulted the Italian girl in St. Paul’s Bay. Before the name of Najah Agheez was mentioned in the press, the media gave another person as the one who had sexually assaulted the Italian lady. He was an American national and a member of the US Army. After his name was made public by all the mainstream media, the version of the sexual assault was downgraded. The media stopped mentioning his name and then stated that it was an Egyptian, Najah Agheez, who did the sexual assault.

The media did not say that Najah Agheez already had another case of sexual assault. Last year, in February 2022, he was charged with sexually harassing a 17-year-old girl. The magistrate who heard his case, Farrugia Frendo kept him under arrest as Agheez had no links with the country.

If Najah Agheez’s case differs from that of the American soldier, Mark W. Hopkins, why haven’t the media or the police stated that the accused has relapsed? Why are the women’s organizations, which usually are so virulent in such cases, silent? Why hasn’t the Foundation of Men Against Violence uttered a word? This is a case of a man, who in theory, committed two sexual attacks in the space of a year and all these Foundations have no word to say about him. These are Foundations with strong links with the American Embassy. This is really a bizarre case.

3 thoughts on “The bizarre case of the sexual assault by the Egyptian national Najah Agheez on the Italian woman

  1. Ahhh…, still spinning cobwebs! ToM clearly said that the accused was a recidivist. Why are you selective in your reporting? Why are you quoting another media outlet and not ToM?

      1. Also partly true. But why persisting in hyping up a story when it seems that the first reporting on this blog about this incident mistook two separate cases for one? Continuing to sow doubt and confusion, not to admit a mistake, dents this blog’s credibility – which works in ToM and other mediocre local medias’ favour.

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