EU and America are extremely worried about Taiwan’s future; Borrell solicited EU countries to send their navy to patrol Taiwan’s waters

Has the war in Ukraine sealed Taiwan’s future? The European and American worries about Taiwan are now coming into the open. This worry was expressed by the Guardian newspaper, which is usually considered pro-Labour and anti-war. However, this time round, The Guardian is drumming the call for war and is behind the British Conservative Government and American interests in the Pacific.

The EU and American support for Ukraine has strengthened the existing bond between China and Russia. This was obvious from day one. However, it is not yet clear whether these two countries have formed a formal military alliance. For sure, they have a pact of non-aggression against each other. But is there a secret agreement that if one country is attacked, the other will join in the war in its support?

There is no doubt that China is supporting Russia in its war in Ukraine, and there should be no doubt that Russia is behind China in its bid to have Taiwan back. Judging from how top brass European officials are behaving and writing, it does not seem far-fetched that China would push its military might soon to annex Taiwan back to China.

The Guardian reported about an opinion piece written by Josep Borrell in the Journal Du Dimanche that Taiwan is the most significant concern for Europe. He noted that what is currently happening in Taiwan “concerns us economically, commercially and technologically.”

Borrell, whose profile within the EU increased over his negotiations with Britain, is now focused on Taiwan. He is the chief of the EU foreign policy. The war in Ukraine and the fear over Taiwan’s future explain the diplomatic change within the EU over Brexit and how Brussels softened its position towards Britain. Rightly so, it is not in the interest of the EU and Britain to continue with a rigid approach towards each other when faced with the emergence of a new world order, which will see the downgrading of America and its European allies.

In fact Borrell wrote “That’s why I call on European navies to patrol the Taiwan Strait to show Europe’s commitment to freedom of navigation in this absolutely crucial area,”

This call for the support of the European navies attracted The Guardian’s interest. At the same time, how this article is written shows that The Guardian is preparing the British opinion to support the government in its bid to send the British navy to defend Taiwan.

I wonder how he can get the other European navies to help patrol Taiwan’s waters. Except for France and perhaps Italy, none of the other EU countries are equipped with a navy that can be said to be prepared for war. But Macron is not keen on how the EU conducts its policies toward Taiwan. So on the issue of Taiwan, France is acting independently from the EU. Or it would be better to state that these two French gentlemen, Borrell and Macron, do not see eye to eye on this issue. Borrell is doing American interests. Macron is mainly concerned with France’s economic interests.

This fast-moving scenario confirms that Malta’s geopolitical position remains relevant in world politics and demonstrates the short-sightedness of our politicians while confirming America’s interest in Malta. But instead of doing like Macron and we look at our interests, we are letting big powers dictate our foreign policy.

Unfortunately, our political class is failing to value the importance of neutrality. Instead, we have a political class building a new alliance with the West and abandoning the old friendship ties that Malta had constructed from the early seventies with Russia and China within the framework of a peaceful relationship while safeguarding our neutrality.

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