Christian Peregin is the PR agent of both Hili and Tal-Franċiż: how much money are journalists being paid to support the destruction of Comino?

Wayne Flask has already revealed that Christian Peregin, an ex-Times journalist and the ex-editor of Lovin Malta, is the PR agent of Melo Hili and Anton Camilleri, known as Tal-Franċiż.

This explains why an interview with Melo Hili was published by The Times and Lovin Malta concurrently to make Hili appear as the saviour of the environment of Comino. It is, therefore, not a coincidence that an article about Hili by the Times was shared by Lovin Malta.

This site sent questions to Christian Peregin about this story. Besides being asked whether he was the PR agent for Hili to coordinate the media campaign regarding the Comino project, Peregin was also asked whether he was working with Anton Camilleri Tal-Franciz on the Villa Rosa project.

In his reply, Peregin stated:

My private practice is private.

While it is true that he is a private person, the projects that he is pushing forward are of public interest. Therefore, there is nothing personal about them. I wish to remind the readers that Peregin was the same journalist that used to write and ask questions regarding the work practices of others.

But the crux of this story is how much money was and is being paid to The Times to push forward Hili’s agenda for destroying Comino. This short reply answered this question:

My understanding is that sponsored content is always labeled as sponsored.

I asked Peregin whether it is true that The Times is accepting payments from both Hili and Tal-Franċiż for publishing sponsored content supporting their projects. He diplomatically replied,

I am not in a position to respond on behalf of The Times“.

This is true, but as the PR agent of both Hili and Tal-Franċiż, he is in a position to say whether these two gentlemen are paying The Times or not for their propaganda.

In front of all this, the Repubblichini are with their mouth shut. They, too, need to declare whether it is true or not that they received money from big business people who want to destroy Comino.

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