Is it a family feud or envy the motive behind a story just published by Mark Camilleri about Christian Borg?

Mark Camilleri wrote an article about Christian Borg. Mark Camilleri questioned how Borg, who is still very young, could own such a big villa in Manikata, which he now wants to sell. On his part, Mark Camilleri informs his readers that Borg commissioned Andrea Bonnici, who is another young entrepreneur, to sell on his behalf the said villa. Camilleri describes Andrea Bonnici as Borg’s friend. Camilleri continues to say that Andrea Bonnici is already the managing director and owns what seems to be an unregistered company despite his young age – being still twenty-two years old.

Moreover, Andrea Bonnici is linked to the Malta Labour Party, and a female Labour candidate named Matthea Sghendo. In the process, Mark Camilleri published snapshots that revealed his source. His source is a relative of Andrea Bonnici himself! Although Mark Camilleri took this snapshot down, cropped it, and changed it, copies have been made, which exposed what appears to be either an internal family feud or envy as the actual reason behind the publication of this story.

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