David Casa is right about the need of a public inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia but he should have taken a step back because he is doing more harm than good

Often, whenever he speaks in the European Parliament where he works, David Casa does so to obfuscate his country. In the past, Casa has repeatedly spoken against the Maltese Government and, therefore, against Malta in the European Parliament. The list becomes very long if one mentions how many times he has spoken against his country. Yet, now he is crying wolf, and nobody is paying him any attention.

Last week, Casa spoke in Parliament urging the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to raise the question of the tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia and asked that it demand an investigation into the Government of Malta’s opposition to open an independent public inquiry concerning the death of this young Maltese youth. Casa has even written to the Venice Commission to investigate the case; this is the same Commission that destroyed Malta’s judicial system and turned it even more masonic than it already was.

While he is right to speak about this case, the strategy adopted is flawed. For example, today at the Lands Authority, there is an individual working who has a criminal record and ended up working with this Authority because the Prime Minister wants him there. This individual seems to be involved in this construction work where the youth was killed. And this individual is one with the Free Masons.  

Today in the Lands Authority, there is the physical presence of freemasonry. Before, it was a Government Department. Joseph Muscat’s Government said this department was not working and created this monstrous den of corruption. Now, under Silvio Schembri, this Authority has become a worse den of thieves than ever, yet nobody speaks out. This is why Prime Minister Robert Abela does not want a public inquiry. He wants to protect the Freemasons who today operate from this building.

Now look at what happened. Not long ago, we followed another European Parliamentary debate against our country presented by Nationalist members at the European Parliament, assisted by the EPP. We had a good debate between David Casa and the Labour Party member Alex Agius Saliba. This was not the first time, but it was another occasion out of the many attempts that we have seen prompted by David Casa to obfuscate the Maltese Government. 

The people of Malta expect their representative in the European Parliament to work in favour of Malta and Gozo and not seize every opportunity to vilify our country with some excuse or other. But, unfortunately, when we can speak – as is this particular case – it so happens that the population does not take our MEPs seriously. Instead, it is more likely that Casa’s pleas will favour freemasonry. They will end up politicizing such a request and this will help this organization hide its activities at the Land Authority. The Freemasons know that a public inquiry would confirm their tentacles in this authority. Therefore, they have a vested interest that such a public inquiry should not be undertaken. 

David Casa has to use his arguments for the good of the country and not obscure everything that is good. At times, I think he is doing it deliberately to help those Freemasons who undoubtedly want to divide the population on this awful story of Jean Paul Sofia. While one is to expect criticism, if truth be told, there would be negative repercussions for the Freemasons. Therefore, even if David Casa’s intentions were possibly good, the debate he demands will be detrimental to this cause.

What David Casa ought to have done was to use up his energy to convince his party in his homeland to first fight on a national level and then fight on a European level. Because of his political baggage, it is difficult for David Casa to convince everyone to back him on a national scale. Even within the National Party, he does not have everybody’s backing. Therefore, what Casa should have done was to encourage his comrades in Malta to put strong pressure to obtain what is necessary through our Parliament. Thus, this should have started in Parliament with a good and proper debate.

When he presents these issues in Europe, he is signalling that his party is incapable of functioning nationally. He will be stating that the Nationalist Party does not have sufficiently solid arguments on a national level to persuade Government to act. Such news – particularly this tragic case of Sofia that the Freemasons want to keep under wraps because of the involvement of one of their members – had to be tackled with a planned strategy. These are not good signals for the Nationalist Party. On the contrary, these negative signals highlight the Nationalist Party’s incapacity to unite and prepare to counterattack the party in power. Instead, the Nationalists have to rely on the manoeuvres of David Casa resorting to raising the matter in the European Parliament or some other Authority in Brussels or Strasbourg, which is when he shoots himself in the foot, doing more harm than good.

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