Is Archbishop Scicluna ready to deny that he has had private meetings with people who propagate hatred in our country?

On Easter Sunday, during Mass,Archbishop Charles Scicluna’s homily focused on the culture of hatred. But why cannot the Archbishop be taken seriously when he speaks against hatred in our country? Why do his words fall on deaf ears?

I wish to remind the Archbishop about what I have been writing on this site which is that if there is a media that is propagating a culture of hatred that is his own media. If there is media that propagated and is still propagating a culture of cancel culture this is the Church media.

All the Archbishop has to do is to take a look at the interviews and speeches that his chancellor Alessandra Dee Crespo is giving and he will see wherefrom the true political hatred is coming. Today the politics of hatred is being plotted and propagated from the Archbishop’s palace in Valletta. If he wishes to listen to political growth, all he has to do is to listen to certain programmes on Church media and he will have the proof. The Maltese say that to blame you must be pure. 

We have to remind ours archbishop that he was not bothered to accept a book full of hatred and written by Manuel Delia  – the atheist and his companion Dee Crespo. At the time, the Archbishop did not tell these two that “Even when you are in the right: do not grow too big, do not despise, do not mock.”  If you are insulted because they are in the right, it is neither her nor there. These insult when they are in the wrong! 

Now these two, meaning Manuel Delia and Alessandra Dee Crespo, are arguing the opposite to what they wrote when they published this famous book, after their pal Mark Camilleri – who wants to obliterate Catholicism in Malta – published those famous chats. Therefore, Archbishop Scicluna should ask himself whether he himself ever propagated this culture of hatred and encouraged those who were spreading it.

Does Archbishop Scicluna deny that he had meetings with politicians and during these meetings he spoke against Adrian Delia, at the time leader of the Opposition? Is this not a politics of hatred?

Does Archbishop Scicluna deny that he used to have private meetings with Jason Azzopardi when the said Azzopardi was having an affair and when Jason Azzopardi had an ongoing full blown campaign against all those this politician swore to destroy? 

Can the Archbishop deny or confirm that after these meetings the Church media would write fomented articles instigated by the love these journalists and programmes had for their neighbour?

Once the Archbishop will be in a position to reply to these questions, he will start being taken seriously in as much as he is against cancel culture and the politics of hatred in our country.

One thought on “Is Archbishop Scicluna ready to deny that he has had private meetings with people who propagate hatred in our country?

  1. Archbishop Charles Scicluna’s homily focused on the culture of hatred! What a joke!! Charity begins at home and he has to be the first to set an example by looking at his own media! Disgrace! Tra il dire e il fare c’è di mezzo il mare!!!!!

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