A trans kills a taxi Driver on Easter in America, and the worldwide media is dead silent.

On Easter Sunday, a taxi driver was murdered by a trans person. The murder took place in Portland, Oregon, America. However, this time round, the media made sure not to report this case so as not to upset the apple cart and the worldwide trans agenda.

Imagine if a Catholic priest had raped or assassinated someone in the United States. It would be all over the world news. Our mainstream media would ensure it is on the newspaper’s front page and featured in the digital portal. But when a murder occurs by trans or gay persons, the news criteria change and are kept hidden. Let’s hope that one would not risk now being dragged to court on hate speech for informing the public of such news.

The truth is that the people are now fed up with all the hypocrisy around the LGBT agenda. People worldwide are not against trans or gay people. People worldwide are fed up of being fed propaganda. If there is a case that proves this point, it is the story of Dylan Mulvaney. Bud Light used a transgender person, Dylan Mulvaney, to advertise its beer. The result was that its customers got very angry, and their beer sales plummeted. Now, conservative customers are being accused of being responsible for the fall in sales. However, the truth is that the company got hurt where it hurts most – in its revenue. And no hate speech laws or conversion therapy laws can prevent companies’ income loss caused by their crass idiocies or cultural arrogance. 

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