David Casa, who pokes fun on those whom he wants to destroy, did not appreciate a satirical banner about Jason Azzopardi

The No Deposit Car company’s owners must have read a blog published on this site about the hypocrisy of the lawyer Jason Azzopardi. Azzopardi slammed No Deposit Car owners for publishing their clients’ data. In so doing, Azzopardi argued, this company infringed the Maltese data laws. But, then, this same lawyer, Azzopardi had no problem republishing information and documents on which there is a court ban. This is tantamount to sheer hypocrisy and irresponsibility; on their part, the No Deposit Cars owners took a dig at Jason Azzopardi by putting up a big poster on the facade of their showroom at Qormi, wishing Happy Easter to their clients. They put a photo of Azzopardi on this poster dressed as a priest and the church of the Holy Sepulchre in the background. This poster is intended to pull Azzopardi’s leg after telling his wife that he was

going to Israel to visit the church of the Holy Sepulchre when, in truth, he went there to have a fling with his mistress. The Tumas Group paid for Azzopardi, and his mistress’ stay at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the time, the director of the Tumas Group was Yorgen Fenech!

However, this satirical poster was not appreciated by the MEP David Casa. Casa went on twitter to condemn this type of satire and indirectly implied that this was nothing more than a mafia attack on Azzopardi. This is an interesting statement because the clan to which David Casa, belongs went all out defending Matt Bonanno and his satire against Pastor Gordon Manche. Manche argued in court that a satirical post by Bonanno was intended to instigate violence against him,The group Casa belongs to has suddenly changed its opinion about the use of satire and is presenting itself as holier than thou because now it is showing aversion towards a satirical poster because the dig was against his friend Azzopardi. And the puppet show continues.

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