Why can the Malta Chamber of Commerce not stand on high moral grounds?

From a blog reader

I’m afraid I have to disagree with the article written on your site by someone who signs as Osservatur Politiku and published on this site. In this article, the author praises the Chamber of Commerce for chastizing the operation of the Maltese government.

While it is true that this government is not at its best in its performance, I found the comments of the President of the Chamber of Commerce very pathetic. Marisa Xuereb’s words were portrayed as though the Chamber stands on high moral grounds. In truth, the pot was calling the kettle black.

Let’s remember that the Malta Chamber of Commerce works very well with big businesses and ensures all big companies fund their events. So much of her claim for high moral ground! One only needs to examine the Chamber’s role in the BCRS scheme. It is a purpose-based scheme to support big businesses against small and ordinary citizens. Can one tell where the moral high grounds are in this scheme? Then let’s not forget the stand that the President of the Chamber, Marisa Xuereb, took on the Covid vaccines.
I will always remember her position. The Malta Chamber of Commerce gave the right to employers to ask workers for vaccine certificates. Where are the moral high grounds in all this? I am an employer working in the catering sector and was against that workers would be subjected to such a regime.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce is very close to the American Embassy, that same Embassy that took part in the negotiations of one of the worst corrupt commercial dealings ever made in Malta’s history. I am here referring to the Steward Health Care deal. This is the same Embassy that has pushed and supported (and probably still supports) organizations that want to introduce abortion in Malta. So where are the high moral grounds in all this?

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  1. Thank you so much, blog reader, for your inquisitiveness and the way you view matters as the chambers of commerce is clearly exhibity hypocrisy. We need consistency and transparency. Thank you for being an employer and standing up for the right for employees to refuse a vaccine, even if this had to be 100% safe.

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