Reuters and The Times of Malta media hide that the Nashville killer was a “trans man”.

By Romegas

You would be hard-pressed to know that Audrey Hale, the killer in the Nashville school shooting was a so-called ‘trans man’, that is a woman who had identified as a man and presumably fed a diet of testosterone by her so-called ‘doctors’.

Certainly, the mainstream media has not only been desperately trying to play this fact down but also to divert attention altogether perhaps none more so despicably as Reuters which described the killer as a ‘former Christian school student’:

Even our very own woke Times of Malta, which outsources its foreign news entirely since it is incapable of having a truly independent opinion, described the killer simply as a 28-year-old ‘woman’.

There are few areas where the mainstream media lie more to maintain a narrative than in reporting on transgenderism.

The media does not hesitate to tell us that transgenders are facing a “genocide”. Given that around 0.6 percent of all adults in the US self-identify as transgender (and much less elsewhere), in an actual planned and orchestrated mechanized mass murder they’d already have been wiped out by now. No one is talking about doing that and no one ever did – it’s a false narrative of the globalist left. Whenever claims of murder because the victims identified as trans were investigated the narrative has proven to be false. See here and here for example.

The left always portrays itself and its minions as victims of oppression as a political strategy  – the problem is that at a certain point, there’s the danger that the minions start believing it, and the reaction to that self-induced belief may be unpredictable. Audrey Hale’s murderous actions might be just one.

We often hear about Trans Day of Rage or Trans Day of Vengeance. The language is similar to that of terrorist organizations. Apparently, transgender people are not visible enough. 

Well, good news. They have been seen and heard now, loud and clear. It is prominently visible all over TV and social media, alongside the dead faces of victims of actually planned and orchestrated mass murder. 


If this is how some people want to be visible, it would be foolish to not see them as exactly who they are.

Like all bonafide deranged terrorists, this trans-person left behind a manifesto before embarking on a killing spree and we wait with bated breath for the publication of this manifesto, even though we shouldn’t entertain such high hopes – Apparently, the LGBTIQ brigade which is nurturing this monster is against such publication – it believes that we shouldn’t know what motivated this deranged killer:

“It should not be published,” Jordan Budd, the executive director of Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE), told Newsweek. “The focus should be on how this was able to happen in the first place. There should not be such easy access to deadly weaponry.”

Ah I see – it’s the weaponry and not the ideology! You see it was the weapons that have done this and not the ideology – it’s the weapons that seem to have a will and not human beings. It cannot be that the ideology that they have been pumping into vulnerable kids may be to blame?

How long are we going to put up with this shit? How long will we adults continue to abdicate responsibility?

Don’t think for a second, that this won’t ever play out in Malta – when we are in fact following eagerly in the US’s footsteps. This evidence-less and entirely false mantra of victimhood is also being amplified locally – to push through the LGBTIQ agenda in our schools without any serious consultation with either parents or educators – to detriment of the children themselves who need real help – and not an affirmation of what is increasingly, scientifically recognized as being primarily a mental health issue.

Here is the conclusion of a 2019 study funded by the US NIH:

‘Our findings suggest a high prevalence and significantly higher odds of mental disorder diagnoses in the transgender population as compared with the cisgender population using data that are nationally representative of the U.S.’

It’s not as if this is the only study that makes it increasingly obvious that the transgender phenomenon is primarily and most dominantly a mental health problem – there are tons of evidence for those who bother to look for it – such as this, this and this. Putting these kids on puberty blockers and feeding girls testosterone is simply criminal.

It has been reported by a number of female-to-male trans people that learning to deal with the aggression that testosterone provokes within the body is one of the more difficult things about starting the hormone.

Boys are born with it – if properly guided they will learn to control it and channel it into something useful such as these men of Nashville Metro PD did when confronting this trans murderer:

Men who don’t become a menace to society.

Feeding teenage girls with testosterone is quite simply madness – pumping abnormal rates of testosterone into female bodies is a recipe for disaster – it really explains the hysterical and irrational behavior witnessed at many trans ‘protests’.

We are creating a monster – individuals who don’t relate to their sex and can never become the other –persons that remain suspended somewhere in between with a huge sentiment of loathing both against themselves and against a society that led them down a dead end.

It is a very bitter harvest that will be reaped from what has already been sown.  

I end this with a plea to the local LGBTIQ brigade – be extremely careful about what you promote – it might return to haunt you.

Yes I know you feel very powerful right now, your ability to influence and access to power is second to none – as is your ability to persecute your opponents – but be warned that in history not even the most oppressive regime ever survived, you only need to look at the communist regime in Russia – with its power to condemn countless men to death or endless misery in some Gulag in Siberia – still collapsed – for that which flies against nature and the nature of man is doomed to fail.

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