The Hypocrisy of Some Maltese Journalists is Brazen

Those same journalists, who made it their mission to crucify me and ensure that the court would charge me with contempt of court, are now singing a totally different tune. in fact they have made a complete U-turn. Way back in 2020, the Caruana Galizia family falsely accused me of having shared recordings on which a court ban had been imposed. Last week, we have these same journalists and media no longer up in arms supporting the rule of law, but instead had no qualms to sensationally publish material on which a court ban exists and prevails!  

In my case, the journalists clamoured that the Caruana Galizias were right to have me taken to court. One such individual, who posted that it serves me right, was actually written by a man using the false profile of Marika Galea. This profile was linked with the domain of the Times of Malta and that of journalist Matthew Xuereb, financed by the Bank of Valletta. Xuereb had petitioned the Commissioner of Police to have me investigated. So far the Police have not done so!


Whenever someone backs the Caruana Galizia family, court decrees and the law of the land no longer apply; and en masse these journalists go ahead and break the law to their heart’s content.

For example, lest we forget, the Repubblichini were happy that I was charged by Magistrate Rachel Montebello on the insistence of Dr Jason Azzopardi and  Philip Galea Farrugia; Mr Mizzi of Midsea Books was not bothered to publish a book written by Manuel Delia in which he blatantly lied about me. In this book Manuel Delia mentions Magistrate Montebello who charged me with contempt of court on the grounds that I had published recordings that were banned by the court.

The reality is that I never published any such recording.  Up to now, I am still in court on this subject. And this is a case for which the court expenses are being met by me personally. Meanwhile, on the basis of the media’s gloating behaviour, both APS Bank and BOV checked to establish whether I was receiving money from occult sources. They found nothing. One may rest assured that had they found something untoward, it would have long been splashed across the media. Yet it also permissible for the Bank of Valletta to finance journalists who break the law.

What is happening now?  Members of Repubblica and PEN, having changed their tune, have also taken to the streets and protested on the grounds that it is not right for Mark Camilleri to be taken to court for having smugly published banned material. What is Mr. Mizzi at Mizzi Books going to do? Is he going to publish another book by Manuel Delia to update the content and tell us that it is not right that there is a court ban on publications linked to Yorgen Fenech’s case? Hereunder is   Manuel Delia’s post reeking of hatred when the court slammed me with contempt of court charge.

For good measure, associations and those supporting the rule of law said nothing at the time. They all agreed that I should be indicted. These same individuals are now joined by those who profess to be anti-abortionists and protest in order to support Mark Camilleri; an individualwho is a pro-abortionist and against whom there is a court’s decree to arrest him on a contempt of court charge. Which rule of law are these individuals and associations upholding? Definitely not that of our country but their own very private unethical laws!

That is how the mafia operates. This is the real mafia at work in our country. Justice, in this country, functions according to who you are. If you are a small –timer, the police try to break you. If you are part of the journalistic mafia in this country, you can make or break the law as you please because you remain unscathed and continue to reign.

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