The PN’s limitless political stupidity verges on the criminal.

By Romegas

Malta is in desperate need of an effective opposition and yet the PN seems determined to consign itself into oblivion.

The PN’s latest antic of not only cozying up to Mark Camilleri but also of going out on a limb to defend his actions is not only morally wrong but from a purely strategic point of view also tantamount to political hara-kiri.

Any sane leader of the PN would have not only distanced themselves from Mark Camilleri but also condemned his actions and demanded that the manner of the leaks be investigated thoroughly for it undermines trust in our institutions and the rule of law.

But the PN is not led by a sane leader or leadership, they’re led by a nobody with a big sense of inferiority complex and a vicious faction willing to engage in a scorched earth policy.

Anyone in his right senses knows that whoever comes in contact with Camilleri is bound to be burnt, the person is clearly a pathological narcissist with a big chip on his shoulder – but not only did they not keep him away  – but first they invited him to the PN’s HQ, and then they had Metsola cheerfully entertaining selfies with him (a decision of such ill-judgment that should immediately disqualify her from any prospective candidature for the leadership) and now we have the Repubblichini faction of the PN protesting in his favour.

Let’s get some facts straight:

The chats between Yorgen Fenech and Rosianne Cutajar contain no pertinent revelation whatsoever that may shed light on Daphne’s murder case of which they form part of the compilation of evidence – neither do they contain some new revelation exposing further cases of corruption which would have made the leak of public interest. The leak simply exposes what are and should have remained private conversations between individuals who are free to conduct their private lives as they deem fit.

The Prime Minister is right to state that there are no new revelations of corruption or misdemeanor beyond those for which Rosianne Cutajar has already paid a price. It is a fundamental principle of justice that one is not tried twice for the same crime.

Yes perhaps the chats clearly expose the unhealthy relationship and intermingling between big business and local politicians – but it’s not as if we needed to read these chats to confirm it. I am more than certain, that had we to read all the WhatsUp chats of ALL politicians – the exchanges between Yorgen and Rosianne would pale in comparison.

What does the PN, therefore, hope to gain politically by supporting Mark Camilleri and his leak?

People who have worked in court and who have handled evidence, have no doubt that this was leaked from within the courts  – the format of the documents is the tell-tale sign. The implication here is we cannot trust our courts – to uphold the rule of law, and if people who work or have access there can leak the chats of an MP with impunity, what makes one think they cannot leak the evidence/chats of anyone else?

The leak is illegal, and what’s more, it undermines our trust in the institutions – to support such a leak is damning to a party that pretends to stand for the rule of law.

Until just a few days ago the PN was riding high on the crest of the wave of public appreciation generated by Adrian Delia’s court victory over Stewart/Vitals – and instead of maintaining the momentum, it managed the direct opposite. In just a few days they managed to blow to high heaven whatever gains and moral high ground they made.

Not only has this leak and the PN’s support for it consigned this epic victory and gains from it to the background in record time but it handed a golden opportunity for the PL not only to grasp this opportunity to distract public attention from Vitals/Stewart but also to move from the defensive to the offensive and reclaim some moral high ground.

Rosianne Cutajar has been turned from a spent politician into a victim –  something that the PL will squeeze to its maximum –  and since victims naturally attract empathy, they will very effectively portray the PN and its hangers-on as nothing other than a group united not in a positive alternative vision for Malta but in its vindictiveness, where aligning with the enemy of my enemy, no matter how pernicious that enemy might be is its modus operandi.

People are not fools, even just this afternoon in informal discussions with my colleagues, many of whom read the chats and many of whom are PN oriented realize that the whole thing is nothing other than a blow below the belt – and no one likes that, PN supporters included.

There’s no doubt, that the next survey will confirm this.

The whole affair of aligning with and supporting Mark Camilleri is so politically stupid – that one cannot but wonder whether the reasons behind this strategy can be really explained by stupidity alone and not by something more nefarious and infinitely darker.

Initially, when Simon Mercieca made the claim that the reasons behind Daphne’s murder lay much closer to home to what was being publicly postulated, I thought it was too far-fetched for it was counter-intuitive – but when I see such stupidity if it can be described as such any longer, I become increasingly convinced that there’s much more than meets the eye – and what we have may very well be the collusion of what may from the outside initially appear to be divergent interests.

After all, Daphne did say that the crooks are everywhere. And for a lady who had a superb command of the English language, she would not have used those words lightly.

2 thoughts on “The PN’s limitless political stupidity verges on the criminal.

  1. Prosit ta articlu/femma stupenda, imma emm zewg affarijiet li ma naqbilx miejak fuqhom. It-tmexxija tal-pneeeeee, Grech veru li fuq il-karta suppost immexxi lil-pneeeeee, imma fuq il-karta biss. ghax certament il-pneeeeee mux immexxi min Grech. u lohra, it is not the courts, it is both wrong and missleading to blame the courts, as the cullprit is just one part that makes-up said court/s, a part that is involved in said courts, a part that democratically cannot be aviouded. that is were the leaks are coming from. this is not the first such leak and it will not be the last. if one keeps tab with what is said between the lines, one would have read about promises of what is still to come in a stile of black-mail both to said courts as well as to the authorities of the country administration.

  2. Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar accused Mark Camilleri that he lied about her.

    Mark Camileri, however, had the proof that would exonerate him and show that it was Rosianne Cutajar who was lying in Court, not him.

    Every person has a fundamental right to defend himself or herself from trumped up charges.

    No one, and no authority, can bar any person from publishing the very proof that exonerates him or her.

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