Mark Camilleri declares he is ready to continue defying court orders and does not give two hoots about the Maltese police investigations.

Last night, Mark Camilleri issued the following declaration.

It is clear from what Mark Camilleri wrote that he is adamant about defying court orders and will avoid a police interrogation or possibly arrest. From the content of this message, it is also clear that he has left the island. However, I would like to point out that when I wrote a blog about his whereabouts in Spain, last year, Camilleri sent an email to Police Commissioner Gafa imploring his protection! In other words, the Commissioner of Police knows his whereabouts and where he lives in Spain. Therefore, this pseudo-journalist in the past has been under police protection.

It is a fact that the police have never seriously investigated the leaks related to bans imposed by the magistrate’s court on specific publication of data related to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. This came out yesterday in court during the proceedings instituted by the court registrar against me for allegedly publishing recordings related to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, on which there is a court ban. In this sitting, facts were presented under oath confirming that the police has never seriously investigated the source behind the publication of this banned material!

Camilleri prides himself to be part of the rule of law when he himself is breaking the law:

What also comes out from Camillieri’s message is that he is clashing with his lawyers. This is a self-admitted confession that Camilleri knew about the court bans and wilfully broke them and wants to continue showing distain for the rule of law. Undoubtedly, the person or persons who have leaked banned information related to Yorgen Fenech’s court proceedings must have police protection. In other words, the person or persons who leaked them are more than a friend of the police. If this situation was to happen in a serious European country like the UK, the Commissioner of Police would have been asked to resign for failing to do his duty properly in finding out the real source of these leaks.

Camilleri has now publicly admitted that he does not give two hoots what the law of the land states. This person finds support from organizations in Malta who pride themselves to be the defenders of the rule of law and also from Matthew Caruana Galizia. It is now clear that from the time that Malta joined the EU, a legal culture of impunity and corruption has taken over the island. Furthermore, Camilleri has this to say about these leaks:

I will keep my word when I say that any corrupt politician or anyone remotely involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia who opens a libel case against me, I will mop the fucking floor with you, break your spirit, ruin your political career and make sure you eventually end up in prison. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, a man, or non-binary: I’m an equal opportunities employer and I’ll fucking destroy you whoever you are and wherever you come from. And just so that you know, my will to ruin you is so great to the extent that I take it personally because, after all, I lost my place in the party and the government because of you. Take me seriously because is not a game, but very serious business.

The contents of this message is very serious. It is tantamount to threatening behaviour. It is clear that Camilleri has protection from higher echelons when he writes in such a threatening way. At the same time, he admits why he is forging an alliance with the PN. He is not doing it out of a shared principle or for a common fight against corruption but because he wants to vindicate himself of all those politicians within the Labour Party whom he is accusing of having been responsible for losing his once privileged position within the said party. It is with this sort of individual that Michael Piccinino and Roberta Metsola have struck a political alliance!

6 thoughts on “Mark Camilleri declares he is ready to continue defying court orders and does not give two hoots about the Maltese police investigations.

  1. Rereading this stuff gives me the chills.

    It is beyond belief that a person can be so vicious and violent in his threats and believe themselves to be in the right.

    It is equally incomprehensible to me that PN did not learn its lesson from the past mistake of allowing an external person influence or dictate what goes. Let us not forget that PN’s strategy of succumbing (out of fear?) to Daphne’s dictat was a massive failure. She too had raised up her arms one day saying “i nearly give up” seeing that her relentless onslaught was not bearing fruit….or worse given the dismal showings at several polls.

    PN still seem to believe that forging an alliance with the pits, with the most vicious (and now violent) critics of government, is a winning strategy. No wonder PN was been allowing itself to be the puppet in robert aquilina’s hands….now pn is upping the ante further to a level never seen before.

    I simply could not believe my eyes seeing the photos of mark camilleri posing with smiling metsola and piccinino! Camilleri is unscrupulous when it comes to using others to achieve own aims….yet metsola and piccinino are either too naive, thus not fit for purpose, or they embrace this evil.

    1. The real single evel behind all these dramatics, the real instigator, THE REAL COOK IN THE KITHEN COOKING ALL THIS, nobody is talking about, but one hundred percent sure that everybody know who he is, and because nobody can as yet talk about directly, he keeps cooking one drama after another, the lot that always gather around him are well known and openely talked about, but not him….as yet…. But one thing is for sure, although it may seem that it can never happen to him…. HADD WARA HADD TASAL TA KULLHADD.

  2. Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar accused Mark Camilleri that he lied about her.

    Mark Camileri, however, had the proof that would exonerate him and show that it was Rosianne Cutajar who was lying in Court, not him.

    Every person has a fundamental right to defend himself or herself from trumped up charges. It’s a huge right as the worst injustice happens when an innocent man is found ‘guilty’.

    No one, and no authority, can bar any person from publishing the very proof that exonerates him or her from chargesbrought forward by a liar.

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