Newsbook journalist, Monique Agius, does not hide her support for Mark Camilleri and defends the indefensible

Monique Agius is a journalist who works for the Church media. She does not hide her support and admiration for Mark Camilleri, who is one of the harshest critics of the Roman Catholic culture in Malta. Monique Agius’s admiration of Camilleri expresses the forma mentis of some of the journalists that the Church media employs. Agius does not know the Christian and Catholic ethos. Her only and most crucial qualification for being a Church journalist is her inner hatred towards her neighbour. If there is proof of this, one needs to read Agius’s comments in support of Mark Camilleri after the latter published the presumed WhatsApp chats between Yorgen Fenech and the Honourable Rosianne Cutajar.

As a journalist, Agius did not ask whether these chats are authentic or not. She did not even query whether it is licit to publish them when there is a court ban on their publication. Did she ask why they are in the format they are? No. She did not ask any one of these questions. Nor did she ask whether the publication of private chats that will harm a number of individuals who have nothing to do with them forms part of a Christian or Catholic ethos. Nevertheless, while the Church preaches about the love to thy neighbour, it employs and pays individuals like Agius to do the opposite. Christ already foresaw all this coming when he forewarned the religious leaders of his times and told them: “woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean“. (Matthew 23: 27-28)

But Monique Agius is not only a journalist that does not fit the bill to work with the Church media but also incompetent to investigate stories or breaking news material. In this case, she does even know the law nor the contents of this libel suit. She wants to pontificate about a case on which she is barely knowledgeable. Rosianne Cutajar is suing Mark Camillieri because Camilleri stated that Rosianne Cutajar had sex with Yorgen Fenech when she was a minister. This could have never happened because Rosianne Cutajar was appointed parliamentary secretary when Yorgen Fenech was already in prison. Therefore, where is the political connection or political favours in this case? The only reason this story was made public was that there was a public interest because it exposed political corruption. In other words, somebody in a ministerial position was giving favours to the presumed mastermind of the murder of a journalist! But this is not the case.

Now, let us assume that these chats are not fake but true. Again, they did not prove that there was a sexual encounter between the two. One can state what one wants, but there is no proof of intercourse – as alleged by Camilleri – in the post in question. The chats can prove that, when Rosianne Cutajar was an MP (and she still is), Yorgen Fenech sent her flowery messages that boosted his virility, but again, this is not legal proof of a sexual encounter. The proof in a court of law needs to be without any reasonable doubt.

The mechanism of the courts is different from the sensational stories published by journalists. I would have expected a journalist employed by the Church media, which boasts of a high level of journalism, to know better. But, unfortunately, even the Catholic Church in Malta is now taken over by the Woke where thy hatred for your neighbour reigns supreme.

One thought on “Newsbook journalist, Monique Agius, does not hide her support for Mark Camilleri and defends the indefensible

  1. What a shame and utterly disgusting. The usual vomit of women attacking women. And they are siding with Mark Camilleri, and this speaks a thousand words! Firstly, for me, a private life is what it is – private. Secondly, how many male politicians had extra marital affairs in the past, but were not exposed or condemned? I honestly do not care what they do in their bedroom, as long as then these third parties do not end up appointed somewhere out of the blue with a super salary and as long any private affairs’ problems are not carried in their work as a politician. Without diving into the merit of Rosianne as a politician, I believe that this attack from Mark is not only an attack on a politician but is also an attack on a woman. Does Mark have any hot texts with a woman or is there such a lack in his life that he needs to vent this frustration onto something because for me, this is a direct attack on a woman and is revengeful. Moreover, are these texts true or not? Finally, from where did he manage to get them? Do we have breaching of data protection or not?

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