Mark Camilleri and Roberta Metsola: a photo in bad taste

Mark Camilleri has posted a photo informing the world that he attended a meal organised in honour of Roberta Metsola. Not only did he attend but he made sure to take a photo or selfie with her. Metsola was not bothered. This happened after Mark Camilleri penned an article wherein he attacked Nationalist academics at the University of Malta. Particularly those academics who opposed abortion. Then, after publishing this photo, he published those WhatsApp messages that are bringing condemnation from all individuals of good will.

There can be no doubt that Roberta Metsola and Mark Camilleri agree on the issue of abortion, and I add that both agree with destroying Christianity in Malta. Therefore, Metsola has two facets: on the one hand, she sits in the first row during Church ceremonies to be seen by all and sundry. Then, she allies herself with Communists and an individual who blatantly breaks a court order. This shows the true face of Mark Camilleri and Roberta Metsola. This is an alliance that will haunt Metsola. It is an alliance built with an individual who only expresses his hatred of Christ’s religion and those he considers his rivals.

One last piece of advice to Metsola: when you attend a high mass, make sure to spend the time in recollection while the priest is preaching from the pulpit. Please avoid speaking to your neighbour in the pew. This is what happened last Sunday at the Ta’ Ġieżu Church Rabat during the high mass in honour of St. Joseph. This confirms that the presence of politicians at these high masses is all a façade. At least, for once, archbishop Scicluna was right. He avoided saying mass at Rabat last Sunday and preferred to attend a more intimate and authentic church service at Fgura.

I can still recall the days when Eddie Fenech Adami was in politics. He refused to be photographed with individuals who were controversial because, rightly so, he did not want them to have a hold on him.

In this case there is no refusal. Here there is acceptance and agreement. This photograph is another testimony of the emerging alliance with the man who swore he hates the Nationalist party and the Nationalists. This is yet another confirmation that these alliances are going to create more trouble and infighting within the Nationalist Party.

One thought on “Mark Camilleri and Roberta Metsola: a photo in bad taste

  1. “This is an alliance that will haunt Metsola”.
    Been saying this since i saw this pic on this blog.

    I simply couldnt believe my eyes. However, more than anything else, it shows what a poor sense of judgement metsola has.

    Its such a big disappointment….she doesnt actually see that the minute she’s no longer needed for his narcisistic and vengeful objectivess, he’ll bin her. Alongside piccinino.

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