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Just like Alfred Sant ended up counting non-voters as being on his side in determining the outcome of
the EU referendum, years ago, the Nationalist Party’s General Secretary, Michael Piccinino, and Roberta
Metsola are now counting on those who don’t give a twit, as Nationalist pillars for the reconstruction of
their party. Once an erratic body count takes over political strategy, it’s the counting method that
deserves a close scrutiny.

Piccinino has taken in Mark Camilleri as someone who is going to create a common unitary strategy for
the Nationalist Party. With this in mind, Metsola invited Camilleri for dinner, days ago. Mark Camilleri is
anything but a unifying force. He is someone who starts a gunfight in a saloon for no other reason than
being trigger happy. He shoots at anything that moves. And anything that doesn’t, to make sure it
doesn’t. Be forewarned. His quest is to shatter his loneliness even if he shatters you in the process.

We see Camilleri’s latest attack on individual faculty members in the History Department, the same
faculty who had helped him at critical junctures of his career. He not only fails to demonstrate a sincere
gratitude, but also bites the hand that fed him. It’s one thing to be a fearless critic, it’s another thing to
be spiteful. Piccinino’s turn at the receiving end will come eventually when Piccinino is of no more use to
him. So will Metsola who days ago invited him for dinner. Such is Camilleri’s modus operandi. This is why
he posts what he describes as the “Cunning Fox” as his ID photo on Facebook.

In another article, written almost a year ago, entitled Young, Dumb and Full of Crap, Camilleri wrote that
parliament badly needs “historians… and self-made men and women” rather than “young kids” like Eve
Borg Bonello. Now he does a full topsy turvy, lashing out against historians. Their contribution to
Maltese politics bothers him. He urges the Nationalist Party to endorse abortion that separates a
mother from her child through murder. So much for his unitary function and a berth for conservative
and life-giving thought within the Nationalist Party.

How does Camilleri promote Nationalist MPs? By tearing them apart. In the same article, he claimed
that Nationalist “Eve Borg Bonello is… prone to… corruption.” This is libellous. It’s a scurrilous
accusation. Being so young and in opposition, I can’t see how she could possibly have a corrupt record
or be prone to one. I have been waiting for her for almost a year to clear her name on this one in the
local courts. The accusation is still on full display in his website.
Piccinino, as General Secretary, and Metsola, as the wannabe party leader, should have taken him to
task on this one. Unequivocally and firmly. Instead, they bring him on board to chart the future course
for the beleaguered Nationalist Party. If Labour were to shake off its own radical and evil agenda,
spanning from abortion to its racketeering with the corporate mafia, it could squeeze out the NP into
oblivion. Malta has a massive swath of conservative voters on the side-lines watching in disbelief at the
Piccininos and Metsolas who genuflect in front of “Gahan fl-aqwa zmien.” In this deranged age, these
politicians do not have the faintest idea of what the Nationalist Party needs to be doing. They think the
cavalry has arrived in the form of Mark Camilleri and they hand him the key. In their cluelessness, they
are obliterating the time-tested principles that should be guiding the Nationalist Party. Without vision,
there is no hope.

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