The oligarch Bill Gates has not only been influencing the hoax pandemic response, but has also funded hundreds of media outlets to the tune of at least $319 million.

By Marica Micallef

The oligarch Bill Gates, has not only been influencing the hoax pandemic response, but has also funded hundreds of media outlets to the tune of at least, according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s database.

“Generally presented as a kindly nerd who wants to save the world, the Microsoft co-founder was even un-ironically christened “Saint Bill” by The Guardian.”

While the media hegemonies of other billionaires are generally well known, Gates’ financial contribution to the current media landscape is less well known. MintPress has discovered that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has given more than $300 million to support media projects after sorting through over 30,000 individual grants.

Many of the most significant news organizations in America, including CNN, NBC, NPR, PBS, and The Atlantic, are recipients of this funding. The BBC, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and The Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom, as well as well-known European publications like Le Monde (France), Der Spiegel (Germany), and El Pas (Spain), as well as significant international broadcasters like Al-Jazeera, are all supported by Gates.

With a link to the appropriate grant on the foundation’s website, I have divided up the Gates Foundation’s funding for media programs into a number of sections and is presented in descending numerical order:

The awards given directly to Media Outlets are:  

NPR $24,663,066; The Guardian (including $12,951,391   ; Cascade Public Media $10,895,016; Public Radio International ( $7,719,113; The Conversation $6,664,271; Univision $5,924,043; Der Spiegel (Germany)- $5,437,294       ; Project Syndicate $5,280,186; Education Week $4,898,240; WETA $4,529,400; NBCUniversal Media $4,373,500; Nation Media Group (Kenya) – $4,073,194; Le Monde (France)- $4,014,512; Bhekisisa (South Africa) – $3,990,182; El País $3,968,184; BBC $3,668,657; CNN $3,600,000   ; KCET $3,520,703; Population Communications International ( – $3,500,000; The Daily Telegraph $3,446,801; Chalkbeat $2,672,491   ; The Education Post $2,639,193; Rockhopper Productions (U.K.) – $2,480,392; Corporation for Public Broadcasting  $2,430,949; UpWorthy $2,339,023; Financial Times $2,309,845; The 74 Media $2,275,344; Texas Tribune $2,317,163; Punch (Nigeria) – $2,175,675; News Deeply $1,612,122; The Atlantic $1,403,453; Minnesota Public Radio $1,290,898; YR Media $1,125,000; The New Humanitarian $1,046,457; Sheger FM (Ethiopia) – $1,004,600; Al-Jazeera $1,000,000; ProPublica $1,000,000; Crosscut Public Media $810,000; Grist Magazine $750,000; Kurzgesagt $570,000; Educational Broadcasting Corp $506,504; Classical 98.1 $500,000; PBS $499,997; Gannett  $499,651; Mail and Guardian (South Africa)- $492,974; Inside Higher Ed.- $439,910; BusinessDay (Nigeria) – $416,900; $412,000   ; Nutopia $350,000; Independent Television Broadcasting Inc. – $300,000; Independent Television Service, Inc. – $300,000; Caixin Media (China) – $250,000; Pacific News Service $225,000; National Journal $220,638; Chronicle of Higher Education – $149,994; Belle and Wissell, Co. $100,000; Media Trust $100,000; New York Public Radio $77,290; KUOW – Puget Sound Public Radio $5,310.

These contributions add up to $166,216,526 in total. Typically, the funds are used to support causes that are important to the Gateses. For instance, the Texas Tribune received millions to “increase public awareness and engagement of education reform issues in Texas,” while CNN received $3.6 million to “report[ on] gender equality with a particular focus on least developed countries, producing journalism on the daily inequalities endured by women and girls throughout the world.” A cynic might view this as corporate charter school propaganda being smuggled into the media under the guise of objective news reporting given that Bill is one of the most ardent supporters of charter schools.

Additionally, the Gates Foundation donated nearly $63 million to organizations that were closely associated with major media outlets, including nearly $53 million to BBC.

It is clear that the mainstream media, along with the radio and the television are being used as an important propaganda tool and weapons of mass destruction. Bill Gates, a ridiculously wealthy, powerful psycopath, doing the Elites bidding, is making you believe anything that the Elites want you to believe, by simply controlling what is put on the media.

Hence, no article related to covid-19, symptoms, sudden illnesses, sudden deaths, climate change and grooming is to be taken at face value. Only through filtering and reading through the lines, will you manage to get to “the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” (Ayn Rand).

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