PN should take a leaf from De Santis’s Book

By Romegas

Ron De Santis, Florida’s governor is one of the very few Western politicians who not only understands the Woke threat, not least to the sexual indoctrination of our children, but actually understands the nature of power – and has the political acumen and the balls to confront it on its own terms.

Contrary to the PN – De Santis does not stand back in showing the electorate what the woke want for them, clearly exposing not only their propaganda for what it is but also taking active steps to reverse their efforts. As a consequence, De Santis is not only popular with the Florida electorate (he won the governorship with a record vote), but is now emerging as the most serious threat to Donald Trump for winning the Republican Primaries. While Trump may be good at rhetoric and little else, De Santis is effective – he is a politician that understands that the nature of politics involves more than talking the talk but actually articulating and putting into effect real policies.

In Malta, the attempts by the woke to indoctrinate our children are still timid and tentative compared to what is being done in the USA – however, the first steps are clearly being attempted, as we are seeing with the żigużajg initiative, and unless nipped in the bud that’s where it will end up. For the woke there’s no limit unless they are checked and beaten back.

De Santis like Orban in Hungary, is not only showing clearly how to confront them effectively but that doing so is a sure means of earning the popular vote.

Most parents are sick and tired of these attempts of the Woke to confuse if not outright groom their children. Parents send their children to school which is supposed to act in loco parentis to be educated and not to be indoctrinated. Parents have enough on their minds already without having to worry about what their schools’ thanks to their government are doing to their kids behind their backs.

If the PN isn’t even capable to protect our children by mounting serious and unapologetic resistance against these attempts at sexual indoctrination – then surely it is incapable of doing anything else and the public vote will continue to reflect that reality.

It is also high time for serious constitutional reform – the antidote to this totalitarian creep is greater direct democracy not least by entrenching real local governments whereby citizens have greater control on education, taxation, primary health services, environmental affairs, and above all accountability.

See Ron De Santis’ presentation on bans of books designed to sexually indoctrinate minors from school and public libraries by following the link below.

Warning – these books as you will see are nothing but pornography

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