The State of the World Democracies

By Marica Micallef

The state of the world’s democracies can be summed up for you as being all about the money. This is taking place everywhere, including in the political sphere in our own country of Malta.

In such a vacuous shallow society, and a world which has become the mecca of corruption thanks to lobbyists, politicians and “lobbying”, How can the masses still trust the politicians and fail to realise that has become an endemic problem and the root of all evil?

When are the masses going to realise that politicians are corrupt to the core? When are the masses going to realise that the officials they are electing do not truly have their best interests in mind?

When are the masses going to see the forest for the trees? This is not relative to the size of one’s steeple but it is entwined with the semi-narrative examination of the Nietzschean Übermensch, where, within this context, we start dealing with the destructive manifestation of the will to power, while also exploring Nietzsche’s view of master-slave morality, in relations to various political and economic systems.

The masses confuse being obedient with being a good person and thus, claim that it is their duty to vote. What makes a good person is not voting for corrupt politicians or following morally corrupt rules. It is, on the contrary, the disobedience to them that makes people good and creates a positive change.

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