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Marica Micallef gave us a searing and important critique of our languages and social sciences departments at the Junior College (JC). No student should be forced to use “they” instead of “he” or “she” in writing or expressing oneself. Forcing someone to use a particular set of pronouns is a violation of individual rights and freedoms. It goes against the principles of personal autonomy and freedom of speech. The JC instructors are fuelling an extreme political ideology. On top of it all, they are grammatically wrong. Micallef singled out the Department of Sociology as Ground Zero within the JC.

Students have the right to express themselves in the way that they feel most comfortable, referring to males and females as “he” and “she” respectively. There is no confusion in the students’ minds who they are dealing with or referring to. The confusion exists in JC departments which have been overtaken by political activists.

It is not appropriate to compel students to use a woke language that nobody speaks except in far-left circles. Most students are decent and do not feel comfortable with political nonsense. The language the College is demanding does not tally up with the students’ beliefs or values. Compelling students to use a particular set of pronouns is unlikely to be effective in promoting greater inclusivity and respect for diverse gender identities. In fact, it is creating a massive backlash. The resentment is spreading even among parents, making it more difficult to build understanding and acceptance of gender diversity.

Additionally, forcing students to utilize specific pronouns may result in a chilling impact on free speech in a wider sense. If students are compelled to use specific pronouns, regardless of whether they oppose them or consider them grammatically incorrect, it might curtail their capacity to articulate their own viewpoints and opinions in different circumstances. Imposing particular pronouns on anyone is unsuitable since it would violate the right to freedom of expression and could negatively impact mental health and well-being.

The Constitution of Malta protects freedom of expression, including freedom of speech, under Article 41. The article states that “no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinions without interference… freedom to communicate ideas and information without interference (whether the communication be to the public generally or to any person or class of persons) and freedom from interference with his correspondence.”

I feel sorry for the students who are being forced by their instructors to say “they” instead of “he” or “she.” In politics, stupidity may not be a handicap. But in education it is.

A college should be a period of self-discovery, where students can develop their values and measures of success to forge their paths. Our students have, since their infancy, distinguished correctly between a male and a female. They come to JC fluent in their use of pronouns. They are very normal and don’t need woke therapy. The instructors should fully respect them and allow them to speak as intelligent people would, endowed with Constitutional rights.


  1. excellent commentary. ”In politics, stupidity may not be a handicap. But in education it is.” – a gem.

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