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The milking of the nation’s wealth through the hospitals scam was a criminal spectacle that lasted several years. There was nothing secret about it except the bank accounts and the specific wording of the contracts.

It was like someone getting knifed to death, and sliced to pieces, in broad daylight in Valletta’s Republic Street while passers-by kept walking, helpless and powerless. If Adrian Delia, a man who had practically lost everything he cared about, had not stopped, and intervened at great personal risk, Malta’s coffers would have sunk further in debt.

Public officials who were tasked with protecting the nation did nothing to stop the billion-euro crime. When Delia decisively stepped in, the Attorney General jumped out of the office chair, ran to Court, and repeatedly pestered the judge to block Delia. The judge would later depict the perpetrators as Mafia-run operators, scammers who didn’t care one bit about the people. This was the first time in the nation’s history that the Attorney General ended up on the same side as the fraudsters in seeking to muzzle the Good Samaritan that had come to the nation’s rescue.

When Delia had served as leader of the Nationalist Party from 2017 to 2020, he had gone on record stating that “As a nation, we need to come together and work towards a common goal of building a stronger, more prosperous, and more united Malta.” When, later, he saw the dismantling of the health department by criminals, he could not stomach the grand theft.

Delia was neither impressed nor intimidated by Chris Fearne whose infernal agenda ran the whole gamut over the years, from promoting the abortion of the nation’s sweetest little children to praising the corporate gangsters running his hospitals as “the real thing.” If Fearne can’t distinguish between the corporate Mafia and the real thing, he should resign. He is not fit for office. In his absence, babies that may be destined for the abortion bucket could see daylight and their mother and grow up healthy and productive like so many that came before them, in similar circumstances. Fearne has been a good for nothing politician, and I strongly commend the Labour delegates who, years ago, didn’t trust him with running their party. Their foresight was prophetic. The Prime Minister should get rid of him and wipe the slate clean. Abela has a ready-made substitute in Jo Etienne Abela, an experienced surgeon, calm and certainly more principled. The government badly needs a new agenda, conciliatory rather than retaliatory. Uphold the weakest in society, rather than the sleaziest, and get back on the economic track.

Public officials in Malta increasingly come across as guided by self-interest, fearing to step in if this could harm their own interests. They fear retaliation from corrupt others. The retaliation includes threats to their reputation, career prospects and possibly personal safety. They also exhibit a lack of political will, concerned about angering powerful interest groups in their midst, such as Muscat’s inner ring. On top of this, corruption is widespread and deeply entrenched in the political system.

“Malta needs a government that is committed to the common good, not just the interests of a few,” Delia said years ago. His words now play before our eyes more than ever before. We owe it fully to him for sticking his neck in the civil court. The next step is the criminal court but this time he cannot be a party to the event. Only the police have the power to initiate action against the perpetrators in criminal court. The police will need the assistance of the Attorney General and her willingness to flip 180 degrees in picking sides.


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