Maya Dimitrijevic, her mama and the Police Commissioner’s wife

By a blog reader.

Just a few days ago, this blog post reported how Maya Dimitrijevic, the granddaughter of an ex-Labour MP, spitefully lashed out at the gay community, sexually harassing the innocent with vile comments. Do we think that the police and the attorney general’s office will mobilize investigation units about her case? If she was a harmless Christian missionary, yes. But by calling herself and her mother the “antichrist” and “feminazis,” the girl practically told the powers that be to cower and get lost. The girl’s mother, Lara Dimitrijevic, and Sylvana Gafà, the wife of Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà, have spent the last ten years on the conference circuit lamenting about evil men. Yet here is a case where it’s a woman that is publicly spreading hatred. Could Angelo Gafà and the Attorney General investigate this hatred under Article 82A of the criminal code?

It is the close-knit structure of the legal and political systems that sows scepticism of whether corrupt political leaders will ever end up in criminal court. If they do, it could well be a half-hearted prosecutorial effort as we increasingly see when the most powerful are brought to court and the cases quickly fizzle out because of elementary technicalities. We live in a country overtaken by fraud and corruption at the highest levels. The people, Nationalist and Labour, sacrifice their precious time for the love of their family and community. On the other hand, the leaders sacrifice others’ lives and money instead, drawing their victims’ sweat and blood, for their own evil comforts.

One thought on “Maya Dimitrijevic, her mama and the Police Commissioner’s wife

  1. Once upon a time the daughter of a former labour MP and retired judge rebelled and quit her law course to pursue a career working with language schools. She ended up pregnant in her teenage years and was totally disowned by her father for a number of years.
    She never considered having an abortion as she was in love with her bf and she didn’t care what her family thought of her and her future.
    A couple of years later she pursued the law course she had given up on and became a lawyer fighting for woman’s rights and abortion.

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