Despite Pretentions to World Power, EU remains America’s Bitch

By Romegas

The blowing up of the Nord Stream pipelines which provided Germany with cheap Russian gas was not simply a terrorist attack, it was an outright act of war – on Russia and of course on Germany and a war crime given that it was an attack on civilian infrastructure imperilling the wellbeing and livelihood of millions of citizens of countries who are not formally at war with the USA.

It has been an open secret that the USA was the perpetrator – it had both the motive and the means. Let us not forget that humiliating episode, when standing besides the so-called German Chancellor Sholtz, Biden vowed that Nord Stream would be closed one way or another. Let us not forget the several senior US officials’ gloating after the attack happened.  Let us not forget either that according to the Times of London, the German ‘’investigative committee’’ did not rule out – read clearly suspected – that it is:

 “open to theories that a Western state carried out the bombing with the aim of blaming it on Russia.”

Well, now, no one other than famed investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has stated that he has unequivocal proof that it was indeed the USA that carried out the attack. In his article Hersh claims that:

“Biden ordered the pipelines to be blown up to put pressure on Western Europe not to end US support for the conflict in Ukraine. Things were not going well for the West, and they feared the approaching winter. And the US was worried that Germany would lift sanctions because of the cold winter,” 

According to Hersh the attack was carried out with the support of Norway, that the bombs were planted in June 2022 during the Baltops military exercises with the participation of NATO countries in the Baltic Sea, but the detonation itself was shifted to September.

Hersh concluded by labelling the attack as the ‘dumbest’ US act in years and that it will lead to unforeseen and detrimental repercussions in the years to come.

His revelations were immediately labelled as nonsense and conspiracy theories not only by western officials but also by the mainstream media. But Seymour Hersh is not one who can be easily dismissed by calling him a peddler of conspiracy theories; he is after all the investigative journalist per excellence who brought the public attention to the very real conspiracies of the My Lai massacre, Watergate and the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse.

Hersch remains unrepentant – and convinced of his sources – indeed in several interviews he has given since, he has claimed that he will continue to provide further proof of why and how, the US committed this attack on its own ally.

What is really telling in all of this is not only the deafening silence by the so-called western media that seems to be both deaf and dumb to anything that goes against the narrative that it tries so hard to promote, but the official response to the claims not least by EU officials, of which perhaps the president of the EU’s statement is the most telling of all:

Ursula von der Leyen had this to say when asked to give a statement:

“The version of US involvement in sabotage on gas pipelines seems absurd to us. In all the years of America’s existence, not a single fact of violation of international law or actions outside the framework of international law has been established and confirmed. The impeccable reputation of the American state allows us not to consider this version”

Did you get that? – here is an act of war directed at Europe by a supposed ally, and the EU commission’s president’s reply is that she thinks it is all absurd for according to her, let me repeat: “ In all the years of America’s existence, not a single fact of violation of international law or actions outside the framework of international law has been established and confirmed. The impeccable reputation of the American state allows us not to consider this version”

I really don’t know what the likes of this creature take you for but certainly, it’s not for an intelligent being.

Let us get some things into perspective here – because of the sanctions and the consequences of blowing up the gas pipeline, Germany’s largest energy provider registered losses to the tune of 40 billion Euros in 2022, Germany’s foreign trade surplus went down from €175.3 billion to  €79.7 billion in less than a year according to the German Federal Statistical Office. In France, Electricite de France (EDF) has reported a record single-year loss of €17.9 billion (around $19 billion) for 2022, pushing the power giant’s overall debts to an unsustainable €64.5 billion.  Independent analysts estimate the costs to the EU economy due to rising energy prices alone to be in the region of 750 billion for 2022 alone. The estimates are considered conservative and expected to rise significantly for 2023, because EU nations will start from a greater deficit to replenish their stocks than they did last year. That this attack from our Ally across the ocean did not result in massive deaths is not due to its considerations but due to a thankfully unusually mild winter. There’s no guarantee that nature will be as accommodating in the future.

In the meantime – massive strikes continue to happen across the Eurozone, as workers are desperate to try to get compensated for this self-inflicted inflation. Thankfully there are still just a couple of nations that retain a sense of sanity, having blocked the same EU commissions’ utterly insane attempt to sanction Russian nuclear fuel on which the vestiges of the EU’s energy provision depend.

America’s attack on Nord Stream – striking Europe’s economic heartland should not only be investigated but it being a direct act of war on NATO members should have them scrambling to trigger NATO’s article v.

Now we all know that the EU will never do that – we know that the EU is not really interested in protecting our best interests – we know that despite the posing and grandstanding, it remains nothing other than America’s bitch. We also know that the presstitute class will not press hard if at all.

Irrespective of reasons of whether they are bought or blackmailed, today’s EU leaders would in a previous age have been hung and quartered for treason but thanks to ‘progress’ we have advanced beyond such accountability, and therefore it will be us who will have to pay the price.

The EU, this paladin of the ‘rule of law’ will collapse nonetheless, it is simply a matter of time until Europeans come to their senses and episodes like this will only hasten its demise.

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